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EBBA 22079

Magdalene College - Pepys
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PEGGYS Kind Answer; OR,Languishing Jemmy Crown'd with Comfort.
Tune of, Bonny Lad, prithee lay thy Pipe down. Licensed according to Order.

PRithee Bonny Lad let thy Pipe play,
'Tis pleasant to hear the delightful sound,
Ise am not the L ass that will say thee nay,
the Valleys and Hills shall both resound
With the Musick which thou shalt make,
And Peggy thy dearest will still be kind,
No other Lad in the world I'll take,
since Jemmy he Runs in my mind.

When ever you visit a Park or Play,
where Gallants with Beautiful Saints appear,
Thou shalt have thy Peggy as well as they,
who ever will honour and love her Dear,
Both Hand and Heart I freely give,
as being, my Dear, to love inclin'd,
While I have an hour or Day to live,
sweet Jemmy shall Run in my mind .

Young Sawny and Willy , Ise ever slight,
their proffered kindness I still disdain,
But thou in my bosom shall melt all night,
who art my dear Loving and Loyal swain,
So sweet a Lad was never known,
to Peggy thy L ove thou wast ever kind,
So that when I languishing lye alone,
sweet Jemmy still Runs in my mind .

Though I have been banish'd from the a while,
which did my dear Jemmy with grief annoy,
Yet fortune was pleased to send a smile,
and I am returned again with joy,

No High-Land Lad of Mucckle Fame,
shall ever find Peggy to them so kind,
As thee shalt my loving dear Jemmy by name,
who constantly Runs in my mind .

My D addy and Mammy would have me wed
a bonny blithe Lad of the High-land Race,
Who wears his broad Sweard, and his gay new plad
he proffer d to give me a kind imbrace,
Ise bid him forbear, he's not make bold,
some other Lass let him now gang to find,
For Ise never Marry for Mucckle Gold,
since Jemmy he Runs in my mind .

How sweet was the pleasant delightful strain,
which in the low Valleys thy Pipe did make,
It tickl'd my Fancy in e'ry Vein,
and think you I would my blithe L ad forsake,
No, no, my former Vows Ise keep,
to innocent L ove I am still inclin d,
When e're Ise lye on my Pillow to sleep,
Dear Jemmy he Runs in my mind .

The Mountains and Rocks shall as soon remove,
as I prove disloyal, L ove, here's my hand,
Nay, like the kind innocent Turtle Dove,
Ise ever will be at my D ears Command,
And long to see the happy day,
when we shall together in L ove be Joyn'd,
Ise never can gang to the Kirk to Pray,
But Jemmy thou Run'st in my mind.


Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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