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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Unconscionable Gallant:
The Beautiful Lady's Misfortune.
To the Tune of Fond Boy, etc. Licensed according to Order.

NOw I pray you attend, to the Lines that are penn'd,
Which abroad to the World we in merriment send;
It is absolute new, and they say it is true,
Therefore listen a while unto what shall insue:
A young Gallant of fame to a Friend'[s] House he came,
Where he sent for a fair and young beautyful Dame.

When her Charms he beheld he with Raptures was fill'd,
Yet although he in Courting was very well Skill'd
His fine Amourus Ta[l]e could in no wise prevail,
For without Half a Peice of Joys he should fail:
Like a Lady of State she had told him the Rate,
And t[h]is done, not a Penny or [F]arthing she'd Bait.

Half a Peice is too much for a poor single touch,
There[f ]ore pray use a Conscience, for faith I do grutch
To give more than a Crown for a bit of the Brown,
I can ha[v]e it for less of the Girls of the Town:
Therefore make not this fuss, and stand serving me thus,
For a light Cain they say makes a rich golden Purse.

If a Lady you lack, Sir, I stand to my tack,
For I'll have you to know I am no common Crack,
That for Six pence or less will their kindness express,
Y[ou] may see that I go in a rich silken Dress,
Paint with powdered Hair and black Patches I wear,
Which cannot be maintain'd with that Price I declare.

Pry'the be not so nice, 'tis a very good Price,
[A]nd thou knows very well 'twill be earn'd in a trice:
Therefore do not deny, but with reason comply,
And perhaps for my Jewel a Cornet I'll buy.
But the Answer she gave, You must give what I crave
'Tis in vain to dispute, for ten shillings I'll have.

When he found her so stout, he began to fall out,
And, as some says, he threaten'd to Kick her about:
Since her price she'd n[o]t Bait, faith his Love turn'd to hate,
And he threaten'd to Call for an Officer strait:
If you will have [f]ull Ten, I will punish you then
That can be so hard-hearted and Cruel to Men.

Now the Lady Reply'd, in regard you'r deny'd,
Can you be so uncivil your friend to Deride?
Yes, I will then, he swore: And, [?]s, what is more,
Some good Justice of Peace you shall now go before,
To Receive the Reward that the Law will afford.
Streight with Tears in her Eyes she his pity implor'd.

The Disgrace I do fear, therefore let me go clear,
And my Scarf with Five Shillings, I'll render you here,
Had I here so much more I would pa[r]t with my store,
For, alas! I was neve[r] so fitted before.
Then he pity'd her Cafe, and would hide the disgrace,
And without more to do they departed the place.

LONDON: Printed for C. Nates, at the White-Hart in West-Smithfield.

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