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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Contented Lovers;
Dioclesions WISH Obtain'd
Who for the Love of Fair Drusilla forsook his
To an Excellent New Play-House Tune, Sung at the OPERA.

STill I'm wishing, still desiring,
Still she's giving, I requiring,
Yet each Gift I think too small,
Still the more I am presented,
Still the less I am contented,
Tho' she vows she's given me all.

Can Drusilla give no more,
Has she lavisht all her store,
Must my hopes to nothing fall,
Ah! you know not half your Treasure,
Give me more, give over measure,
Yet you'll never give me all.

Still your Love I do require,
It is that I do desire,
What you give me is too small,
That I cannot be contented,
'Till that I am more presented,
For you have not given me all.

Fair Drusilla is a Blessing,
I could ever be possessing,
You can never give in vain,
Then bestow on me your Treasure,
You can ne'er give over Measure,
Nor can I [t]oo much obtain.

Dioclesion I admire,
What it is you do desire,
You have Riffled all my store,

Then Diocles be contented,
I to the have all presented,
What can you desire more.

I at first my heart did give ye,
Yet soon after you did leave me,
When you did to Glory rise,
You Aurelia did admire,
And for her had such desire,
That you did my Love despise.

Then of joy you did bereave me,
Yet Diocles I forgive ye,
Let me then my Wish obtain,
That you never more will Waver,
For my heart is thine for ever,
Then Diocles don't complain.

Oh! ye Powers Divine and Loving,
Let our Love be still improving,
Make Diocles ever mine,
For to him I've all presented,
Make him then to be contented,
And no longer to repine.

I will love, and still adore ye,
And forsake all Earthly Glory,
Let us then to Shades retire,
Where we'll love and live together,
And in death we will not sever,
But at once will both exspire.


Printed for J. Bissel at the Bible and Harp in West-Smith-field.

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