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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Two Entire Lovers:
Young-Man and Maids care and grief crown'd with joy and comfort.
To an excellent New Ayre.

I Lov'd you dearly once 'tis true,
But now thanks Heaven I am free;
So as my Love was scorn'd by you,
so yours is now by me:
In vain do you expose your Charms,
my Heart for to surprize,
Which was the cause of all my Harms,
but now I can withstand your Eyes.

My heart was ready for to break,
and you'd no Comfort yield,
And so faint, and dare not speak
since you had won the Field:
You once so fickle was,
I am now the same to thee;
Therefore thou art out of Mind,
and now I am set free.

When first I did behold your Face,
it did my heart invite;
I so fond and foolish was,
but now am alter'd quite.
How can I thee adore,
that proved so untrue,
No, no, I ne'er can love thee more,
therefore Farewell to you.

Did I not oftentimes entreat
thy Favour to obtain,
And often bow'd low to your Feet,
yet this was all in vain:
You delight to torture me,
who was your Captive Slave,
But thanks to Jove I now am free,
and can your Frowns out-brave.

5. The Maids Reply.
Forbear I pray your Cruelty,
and do not me revile;
For what I said then unto thee,
'twas but to try a while,
Whether you was false or true,
I kept off for a time;
Unconstant I'll ne'er be to you,
Pray pardon me this Crime.

My Love let not thy Anger burn,
salute thy Nymph I pray,
And I a thousand will return,
that Kindness to repay,
In my Arms I'll thee receive,
my True and Loyal Swain;
Thou never shalt have cause to grieve,
nor in the least complain.

'Tis thou alone that hath my Heart,
and my Affection too,
And why should Loyal Lovers part,
our Sorrows to renew:
Thy Smiles my Grief will destroy,
and I shall happy be,
But if I cann't my Love enjoy,
Oh let me dye! said she.

The young Man's Heart did soon relent
to hear the Moan she made,
He like a Loyal Lover went,
unto the Nymph, and said,
By the mighty Powers above,
I'll pardon what is past,
And vow likewise to live in Love,
as long as Life should last.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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