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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Somersetshire Wonder:
A True Relation of a Cow within 8 mile of Bathe, who brought forth a Calf, with the
Likeness of a Womans Head-Dress, being a COMMODE, near Half a yard high, which Calf
will be shortly brought to the Tower of London, there to be exposed to all curious Spectators.
To the Tune of Let Caesar live long.
Licensed according to Order.

YOung Women and Damsels, I'd have you draw near,
'Tis you that have Reason this day to give ear;
Remember your strange and fantastical Dress,
As Towers and Top-knots such Pride in excess,
Has caused Strange Wonders and Signs to be sent,
In hopes that thereby you in time will repent.

Young Damsels have often been told of their Pride,
And have been admonish'd to lay it aside;
Yet in the defiance of what can be said,
In Towers like Anticks they will be array'd;
Not minding the Wonders and Signs that are sent
In order to call them in time to repent.

The very Brute Beasts have at sundry times,
Set forth the Proud Womens detestable Crimes;
As bringing the absolute Form in the World
Of Top-knots and Towers, with Locks finely curl'd
And will not those wonderfull Signs that are sent,
Engage you young Women this day to repent?

Amongst them Miraculous Wonders, we hear,
One happen'd of late in fair Somerset-shire,
The which many Hundred Spectators beheld,
Who were at the sight with astonishment fill'd:
O let the strange Wonders and Signs that are sent,
Engage the young Women, etc.

A Cow in those Parts being eas'd of her Load,
She brought forth a Calf with a flaunting Commode,
Exact like the London proud Women's Attire;
At which the good Farmer did strange and admire;
He streight was concluding this Wonder was sent,
To call proud young Women in time to repent.

The Farmer with others they streightways agreed
To measure the highth of this Commode with speed.
When as it appearing by all standers by,
To be I must tell you near half a Yard high:
All Persons concluding this Wonder was sent
To call the proud Women in time to repent.

The News being spread of this monstrous sight,
They came from all Cities and Towns day and night;
When seeing the Wonder, they stood in a maze,
Declaring they never before in their Days
Had heard of the like, sure this Wonder was sent
To call the proud Women, etc.

When many had seen it, the Calf then he sold.
And in the fair Tower of London behold
It will be exposed to e'ery ones view;
Although it be strange it is absolute true:
This Wonder of Wonders kind Heaven has sent
To call the proud Women, etc.

Proud Women you see that your Sins are reveal'd
This day by the very Brute Beasts in the Field;
Therefore I would have you this Minute reclaim,
And throw by your Towers and Top-knots for shame,
I tell you these Wonders from Heaven are sent,
To call the proud Women, etc.

Young Women and Damsels how dare you contend,
For Pride when you know by the same you offend,
If these present Warnings at length will not doe,
With sharper Corrections he may Visit you:
We know that these Wonderful Signs they are sent
To Council, and call you this day to Repent.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back[.]

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