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EBBA 21970

Magdalene College - Pepys
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For the Taking off
The Chimney-Money.
The NATIONS Hearty Thanks for their
MAJESTIES Royal Clemency.
Tune of, Hey Boys up gh we. Licensed, and Entred according to Order.

COme, England, make a joyful Day,
our Gracious King an Queen
Have took the Chimney-Tax away,
has so vexatious been:
Collectors now must all go down,
who were such frightful Evils,
That one would scare a Country-Town,
as much as twenty Devils.

The Good old Dames when ever they
the Chimney Man espyed;
Unto their Nooks they'd hast away,
their Pots, and Pipkins hide:
But now those Bugbears are pluckt down,
you hated thus to see;
You now may use what e're's your own,
from straining you are free.

There is not one Old Dame in Ten,
and search the Nation through;
But when you talk of Chimney Men,
shall spare a Curse or two:
Let us unto our Gracious King,
our grateful thanks repay,
For doing such a generous thing,
as take this Tax away.

Now happy Times are coming on,
let's pray that they may last;
For now the Chimney Tax is gone,
our cheifest care is past:
We'll in our Country Cottage sing,
and push the Jugg about;
We'll drink an Health unto our King,
till all our Liquour's out,

No Nation e're could be more blest,
or greater ease enjoy;
We of those Rights are repossest,
which Popery did destroy:
From cares and fears we are set free,
our King such Bounty gives;
Each Man enjoys his Liberty,
and like a Prince he lives.

The Chimney-Money, which opprest
the people that are poor;
Such grievances are now redrest,
and will be felt no more:
How blest and happy is our Land,
in such a Gracious King,
Whose Noble Heart and Giving Hand,
doth all these Blessings bring?

The Country Wives now need not dear
to bring their Pewter forth;
Or let their shining shelves declare
their Cleanliness and Worth:
For Chimney Men no more will come,
or take your Goods away;
You safely may enjoy your home,
there's no such Tax to pay.

Our loving Gracious King and Queen,
may Heaven ever bless;
God give them both a Prosperous Reign,
and Crown their Happiness;
May they those Enemies destroy,
that 'gainst them do Conspire;
And may they here on Earth enjoy,
all Blessings they desire.

Printed for A. Milbourn, and sold by R. Hayhurst, in Little-Britain.

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