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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Whipping TOM,
Or, The deceitfull KINSMAN.
Maidens beware who you do trust,
For promises may fail,
And when you'r bound for to obey,
Your Prayers will not prevaile.
Tune, Awake Oh my Cloris.

GIve ear to my ditty,
and I will declare,
A Story most strange
and wonderful Rare:
Such a Story before
I do think was ne'r told,
Nor can be Rehearsed
by young nor by old.

In Hertfordshire County
a maiden did live,
Content to her master
she no wayes could give
And an Orphan she was
of indifferent parts,
She had a dull wit,
and of slender deserts.

This maiden was troubled
with some discontent,
And so in a Pett
from her master she went:
But her flight and design
did appear but in vain,
For her Kinsman by searching
soon found her again.

He straight went to seek
for to find the girl out,
Which when he had done,
he to banish her doubt
With dissembling speeches
this girl he betrayed
And meerly seduced
this sorrowful Maid.

And being by him
thus drawn into a snare,
With her Kinsman she went,
who did strangely betray her,
For he bid her cheer up
and let sorrow cease,
And he with her master
would soon make her peace.

Through Woods and by Paths,
with her Kinsman she sent,
And nothing did dream
of his wicked intent,
Till at last he did come
to a place to his mind,
And then to this girl
he prov'd base and unkind.

He tyed this poor girl
then full fast to a Tree,
And never was girl
so misused as she,
About her head also
her Coates he did tye
When no one could hear
her most sorrowful cry.

Then Maidens beware
when to Service you go
Let your Actions be just,
least you are served so,
For this girl she was whipt
at a very strange Rate,
And her Kinsman he prov'd
a meere piece of deceit.

And now all good people
observe but this Weaver,
Who seem'd to be kind,
but he was a deceiver:
Such Kinsmen poor Maidens
I wish you keep from,
For there's none can prove worser
then this whipping Tom.

But if you do mean
for to wander a while,
To a Warren straight go
give the Keeper a smile
He may chance for to give
you a Smock and a Beaver,
And so I conclude, with
this pittiful Weaver,

Printed for F. Cole, T. Vere, J. Wright,
J. Clark, W. Thackery,
and T. Passenger.

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