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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Constant Seaman
And his Faithful Love.
See here the Pattern of true Love,
the life of constancy;
And e're they would disloyal prove,
they both resolv'd to dye.
Tune of Philander.

FArewell my dearest Dear,
for needs I must away,
Then for me do not fear,
not troubled be I pray;
While Fish swim in the Ocean Sea,
I constant will remain,
And none but thee
My wife shall be,
When I return again.

The dangers of the Seas
torment my mind full sore;
Methinks it might thee please
to live upon the shore:
Thy company I more do prize
than all the Indian store:
O prithee stay,
Go not away,
Least thou return no more.

One Voyage more my Dear,
and then I will refrain,
To travel i'le forswear,
and quite forsake the Main:
Thy Ivory breasts my Rocks shall be,
thine eyes like stars shall shine,
Ten thousand times
I'le think on thee
When I'm beyond the line.

The Voyage is so long,
that I am sore afraid,
And shall my self do wrong,
by being thus delayed:
What care I for the golden Mines,
thou treasure art to me,
Then let me find
My true-love kind,
As I am unto thee.

When home I do return
with Gold and Silver store,
Thou shalt no longer mourn
thy sorrow shall give o're;
I'le kiss and hug thee in mine arms,
and cool thy hot desire;
Thou shalt no more
Complain so sore,
Of Loves tormenting fire.

But I have heard some say
full many a time to me,
That some are cast away,
and some do dye at Sea;
If either of these should prove thy fate,
then quite undone were I,
For thy dear sake
my heart would break,
And I with grief should dye.

Forbear my only joy,
torment thy self no more
There's some at Sea do dye
and so there is on shore:
The Heavenly power can us protect
when we are out at Sea:
Let the powers above
Preserve my Love
And go along with me.

But then then is the Turk
our mortal Enemies
Who up and down do lurk
Christians to make their prize:
If they should light upon my Love
'twould be the worst of all:
For rather I
Had thou shouldst dye
Than in their hands to fall.

My dearest do not fear,
we do go bravely man'd
When we that course do steer
the Turks do understand:
And if they come with us to fight
as we sail on the Main
I hope we shall
Be prosperous all
And send them back again.

Then farwel my delight
since needs it must be so:
Methinks that I could fight
if I with thee might go:
I'd fight up to the knees in blood
for to preserve my Dear
My Love to save
From watry Grave
There's nothing I would fear.

Printed for J. Coniers in Duck-Lane.

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