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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Loyal Seamans Happy
The Seamans safe return, has made
his love-sick Mistris glad;
Of every storm she was afraid,
his Death would make her sad.
To the Tune of, Young Jemmy.

NO longer will I grieve,
since my Love is returned,
He's Loyal I perceive,
for whom so long I mourned:
Sad dreams no more my mind torment,
nor fill my heart with fear,
For now again to my content,
I do enjoy my Dear.

You Fates that prove so kind,
to you I am indebted,
Your favour now I find,
and never shall forget it;
But while my love was out at Sea,
each storm procur'd my fear,
And now I needs must happy be,
enjoying of my Dear.

Now brackish tears no more,
from my poor eyes shall trickle,
Since he whom I adore,
doth scorne for to prove fickle:

Him in my arms I will imbrace,
who doth so kind appear,
And I am in a happy case,
enjoying of my Dear.

The Waves seem'd to be proud,
as my poor Love was Sailing,
And Neptune to him vow'd,
my Prayers were so prevailing:
That Heaven to him did prove so kind,
that banish'd all my fear,
And eas'd my once tormented mind,
by sending back my Dear.

Now shall I dye in peace.
and never matter trouble,
For when my Life doth cease,
my Comforts will be double:
And in the very pains of Death,
I shall be free'd from fear,
And as I spend my Latest breath,
I'le cry God bless my Dear.

The Mans Answer.

MY Dear I do Rejoyce,
to see thou art so pleased,
For when I heard thy Voice,
my Troubles were appeased:
Those sighs & killing groans which I
did use upon the Sea,
Are now forgot, for certainly,
I'le live and dye with thee.

Now must I leave the Main,
and tarry with my Dearest,
I past through France and Spain ,
but still my Love's the Fairest:
More beautiful my Love then thou,
mine eyes yet ne're did see,
Believe me Love, I now do vow,
to live and dye with thee.

No pleasure can I find,
like my true Lovers kisses,
And in my loving mind,
they are the only blisses,
He that such comfort doth enjoy,
doubtless must happy be,

And nothing shall my Love destroy,
I'le live and dye with thee.

You Lovers that are true,
come help me to commend her,
That she may have her due,
since Heaven did so befriend her:
That she all Mortals doth exceed,
there's none so fair as she,
Thou art so just in word and deed,
I'le live and dye with thee.

Now farewel, Fortunes frown,
since happy's my condition:
And Cupid hath been kind,
by granting my petition:
Oh! that my joy and hearts delight,
might live from Sorrow free,
I'de never be out of her sight,
but live and dye with thee.

Printed for J. Conyers , at the Black Raven , in

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