EBBA 21793

Magdalene College - Pepys
THE / Hen-peckt CUCKOLD: / OR, / The Cross=grain'd Wife,
Date Published 1685?
Standard Tune
Imprint Printed and Sold by J. Millet, next door to the Flower-de-Luce, in Little Brittain.
License Licensed according to Order.
Collection Magdalene College - Pepys
Page 4.129
Location Pepys Library
Shelfmark Pepys Ballads 4.129
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Additional Information
  Part 1
Title THE / Hen-peckt CUCKOLD: / OR, / The Cross=grain'd Wife,
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, I met with a country Lass, &c.
First Lines I Marry'd a Scolding Wife, / which causes to me much woe,
Refrain It is but a Word and a Blow. [with variations]
Album Page 1/2 sheet oblong folio, 194 x 327
Condition cropped top edge, creased and damaged surface, verso shows through
Ornament cast fleurons