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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Betwixt Ap-Shinkin and Shinny.
With all the Mad Merriment which was performed on the Wedding-Day.
To the Tune of, The Devonshi[r]e Frolick, Or, The Country Farmer. This may be Printed, R. P.

NOw sweet Shinny wilt thou be Wed,
And give young Shinkin her Maiden-head?
If her will do it ne'r mutter, Cots-plutter,
will Marry and bring her unto her Bed:
Therefore tell her before her does go,
If her will Marry her I or no,
For her's resolved to g[e]t her a Wife,
Sweet Shinny with her her will lead her life.

Thy fair Puty did wound her heart,
And now poor Shinkin must feel the smart,
If her is cruel to leave her, deceive her,
her then shall be troubled when her part
From her Shinny, whom her did adore,
Her never loved the like before;
Young Shinny's Loyal, and here is her hand,
And let her no longer disputing stand.

Her will give her a gay Gold Ring,
Besides her shall have a better thing,
When her is Marry'd then Shonny so bonny,
with Sheffery Morgan will Dance and Sing:
Hugh the Harper shall play all the day,
And her will be both Gallant and Gay:
The thoughts of the Wedding made Shinny to smile
She laughing and simpering, slood a while.

Then with Modesty she reply'd,
If you obtain me to be your Bride,
Invite my Cozens, Welch Mary and Sary,
welch Robin and William, with Tom beside:
For her Cozens will take it unkind,
If not Invited, her soon will find:
Then speak young Shinkin, and be not afraid,
For if thou art willing, the Match is made.

Nay, quoth Shinkin, this shall be done,
For her will send to them e'ry one,
Her Cozen Taffie, with Hukin and Sukin,
and Old Shon-ap-Morgan, with her own Son:
All shall come to her Wedding, my Dear,
And her will Feast them with dainty Chear:
A good Welch Pudding her mean to provide,
With Pig, Goose, and Capon, and Prawn beside.

Then they making no more delay,
But straight appointing the Wedding-day;
And all her Cozens preparing and wearing
their Holiday Sharkets and best Array:
When her Shinkin had Marry'd her Bride,
Her brought her home in all State and Pride;
Full threescore Welchmen and women was there,
The like of this Wedding you seldom hear.

After Dinner, as I am true,
Welch Kate, with Winny and Cozen Sue,
They were for Dancing, and drinking to Shinkin
nay, Old Shon-ap-Morgan and all the Crew:
Then the Bottles of Ale they did flye,
Loud Acclamations did fill the Sky;
At last the Liquor got into their Crown,
And then in their Dancing they tumble down.

Being Fuddel'd, they all fell out,
And then there was a sad Revel-rout;
They fell to fighting, both Swearing and Tearing,
not one in the Company did stand out:
Then young Shinkin he slipping aside,
From all the Rabble her got her Bride;
But when they miss'd 'um they then did pursue
After the young Bride, I and stript her too.

Her Welch friends they were soon her foes,
For, as we very well may suppose,
What was the reason of Ripping and Stripping,
the Bride she had borrow'd her Wedding Close
Now when they had got 'um away they did go,
And left the Bridegroom and Bride also:
But Shon-ap-Morgan on them did attend.
And thus the Welch Wedding was at an end.


Printed for J. Deacon, at the Sign of the Angel in
Guiltspur-Street, without Newgate.

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