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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Ploughman's Love and Loyalty;
The downright Wooing betwixt honest Harry, and his belo-
ved Joan: Two WEST-Country Lovers.
To the Tune of Ile often for my Jenny strove Licensed according to Order.

SWeet Joan my joy and hearts delight,
I have not seen thy pretty face
Ne'er since our Mirth last Lammas-night;
oh let me freely now embrace,
Thee my joy and only jewel,
for I'm over ears in love;
And don't deny me, sit down by me,
Who will ever loyal prove.

I prithee Harry let me go,
it is not safe with you to stay;
For young-men they are false I know,
and study Damosels to betray;
Then they glory in our Ruine,
crying up their Liberty;
Thus do they leave us, and deceive us,
but no Man shall ruine me.

Uds-duggers Joan, I'll love thee more,
than any lad in Devonshire,
These pritty Eyes, I do adore;
and dos thou think I'll wrong my dear;
No, I never will deceive thee,
here's my hand believe me Joan,
Thy honest Harry, vows to Marry
no young Lass but thee alone.

Young Joan immediately reply'd,
you may be loyal, just, and true;
Yet should I grant to be your Bride,
what have you then to bring me too?
Marriage state, brings care and crosses,
when they have not of their own,
For they that borrow, meet with sorrow;
this to all the World is known.

Love I have neither house, nor lands,
nor have I heaps, and bags of gold;
Yet by the labour of my hands,
in Sunnner hot, and Winter cold
I will use my best endeavour,
Joan my Jewel to maintain;
And love thee ever, thou shalt never
have just reason to complain.

Alas! quoth Joan, I'm loath to Wed,
oh, let us stay a while my Dear;
Times being hard, and Trading dead,
besides the Winter's drawing near;

Then comes fire, soap, and candle,
nay, and House-rent must be paid,
A Son, or Daughter, comes soon after;
therefore let me live a Maid.

Let no such Thoughts distract thy mind,
for as I am an honest Man;
To thee I will be ever kind,
and likewise take what care I can
To provide for thee my Jewel,
and the Wolf keep from the door;
While we this blessing, are possessing,
what can we desire more.

Here is a Ring of Gold I give
this day, my dearest Joan to thee,
Ne'er doubt but we may happy live,
tho' by our true Industry
Since we are not born to Riches,
we must use Industry
Our nearest Neighbour, lives by Labour,
so sweet Joan must thee and I.

With that she gave him heart, and hand
and said, since thou dost Loyal prove,
No longer we'll disputing stand,
this very day I'll grant thee love,
And to morrow we will marry,
making now no more delay,
Well yok'd together, we may ever
hope to live as well as they.

Printed for, P. Brooksby J. Deacon, J. Blare J. Back.

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