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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Virgins Constancy; Or the Faithful Marriner,
Who proved most Loyal, though he seem'd a Farriner:
'Tis a gallant new Ditty 'twixt William and Kathern,
Their true loves for young ones may serve for a pattern.
To the Tune of, Amarilis.

HArd hap had I, poor harmlesse Maid,
Thus by the Fates to be betray'd,
My Loyal Friend, whose constant love,
No tortures great could e'r remove,
Was forc'd from me for to depart,
Yet he alone enjoys my Heart.

My cruel friends incontinent
Did work our woe and discontent
Cause I was rich and he but poor,
They hated him I know therefore,
His Love was more than my desert,
And he alone, etc.

When wee engaged were by Oath,
And plighted had a faithful Troth,
For to be married out of hand,
But when my Friends did understand,
They forced him away to part,
Yet he alone, etc.

They keep me as a Bird in Cage,
And make my House their hermitage,
With Iron Barrs and Bolts so strong,

That wee endured double wrong:
Which did increase our woe and smart.
But he alone, etc.

Because the Fates had thus decree'd,
He to the Ocean sayl'd with speed,
Where he remaineth for my sake,
But will no other Sweet-heart take:
Heavens be thy guide where e'r thou art
For he alone, etc.

The gaping Quick-sands would devour
My Loyal Friend each day and hour,
But heaven protect still and defend,
My faithful Love unto the end:
That he may play a Lovers part,
For he alone, etc.

But if grim Death hath stole his Life,
And hindred me to be his wife,
I wish the Finis of my breath,
To meet with him although in death:
Yet if grim Death had spar'd his Dart,
He shall enjoy my Love-sick heart.

MY cruel Friends who did disturb,
True Lovers vows with fatal curb
Are Mortuus est, all dead, and I
Obtain again my Liberty:
Yet live in Prison full of smart,
Unless my friend enjoy my Heart.

When she had warbled forth this Song,
How they had suffered too much wrong,
Her Love came home, and stood to hear
The maiden sing her solemn Queire,
How he was supream of her heart,
Wherefore he thus began his part.

His Answer.
Arise my Love, open the Door,
And bid me welcome to the Shore,
Now fortune frowns are turn'd to smiles
I find her breast is full of wiles:
Though all things frowns and angry be,
Yet I will live and die with thee

Thou are alone my Beauties Starre,
In thee my joyes and blisses are,
My thoughts lye rowling with thine eys,
My heart must be a Sacrifice:
Unless my dearest Love you'l be,
For I must live and die with thee.

I've brought thee home most costly things,
Rare precious stones, and diamond Rings,
Rich Taffities, and Silks so fine,
To deck my Love, for thou are mine:
As thou art mine, so thine Ile be,
And ever live and die with thee.

Is this the voice of my sweet Will?
Whose faithful love is constant still,
Then welcome home, what blisse is this
That faithful Lovers now may kisse?
In heart I long'd thy face to see,
That I might live, etc.

I'm come again, my dearest Kate,
Who went from the through force of hate
But now forgetting sorrows past,
We may enjoy true Love at last:
The Gordion knot in fine to tye,
In Love and Peace to Live and Die.

London Printed for W. Thackeray, T. Passeng[er]
and W. Whitwood.

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