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EBBA 21715

Magdalene College - Pepys
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A Good Wife, or None;
To a pleasant new Tune.

THe glazing Torch is soon burnt out,
the Diamonds light abides,
The one in glory shines about,
the other it's vertue hides:
That spark (if any) shall be mine,
that else gives light to none:
For if to every one she shine:
I had rather lye alone.

The glow-worm in the dark gives light,
unto the view of many,
The Moon she shows her self by night,
and yeilds her self to any:
But if my love should seem to me,
of every one so known:
She never more should shine on me,
I had rather lye alone.

Ile not consume and pine away,
as other lovers do,
For such as wandring walk astray
and never will prove true:
Ile set as light by any she,
as she by me hath done:
And fix my love and constancy,
or else i'le lye alone.

A willow-Garland for my head,
I never mean to wear,
I need no Pillow for my bed,
I yet am bold of care;
A single life is without strife,
and free from sigh and groan,
For such contentments of my life,
i'le choose to lye alone.

Once did I love the fairest love,
that ever I did see,
But she did most unconstant prove,
and set no love by me;
And ever since my mind is such,
to lend my love to none,
Because I have been crost so much,
i'le ever lye alone.

The beauty of the fairest flower,
so pleasing to the eye,
Doth fade and wither in an hour,
and no man sets thereby:
So deals my fair with me,
her joys in love are gone,
Wherefore the wanton world shall see,
i'le choose to lye alone.

WEll may we picture Cupid blind,
which roving shot his dart,
And made my Lover most unkind,
to steal away my heart:
Which cannot be restor'd again,
it is so love-sick grown,
For she hath kill'd it with disdain,
therefore i'le lye alone.

Within that face I once did see,
two Diamond eyes, whose bright,
And glistering beams so dazled me
that I was ravisht quite:
And struck so blind I could not see,
the way that I had gone,
But from fond love i'm now set free,
and choose to lye alone.

This single life brings golden ease,
no jealous thoughts offend,
The wedded wights go where they please,
and fear no changing friend:
While married mates with musing mind,
do sob, and sigh, and groan:
Because their Turtles prove unkind,
therefore i'le lye alone.

What if the willow Garland be,
appointed for my lot,
Yet this content shall comfort me,
false love is soon forgot:
A second love must make amends,
now that the first is gone,
For Croesus kind had choice of friends,
else still had layn alone.

For could I now but call my choice,
out of Diana's train,
Who would not hear the tempters voice,
then I might love again:
And chuse some of more constant light
then that which lately shone,
My equal fancy to requite,
or else i'le lye alone.

For time and opportunity,
will woe the coyest Dame,
And overcome the chastest she,
that bears the bravest name:
Yea Man was made for womans good,
not idle like the drone,
But for to heat and stir the blood,
and not to lye alone.

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, and J. Clarke.

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