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EBBA 21714

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Unfortunate Forrester, / Or, Fair Elener's Tragedy. / Shewing how Lord Thomas, once a bold Forrester, fell in love with the fair Lady Elener, but / his Mother would not suffer him to Marry her, but told him of another that was far Rich- / -er: then the Lord Thomas not willing to be undutiful to his Mother, appoints his Wedding / Day, and invites fair Elener to come to his Wedding: who contrary to her Mothers know- / -ledge came, and having seen his Bride she Stab'd her self, which Lord Thomas seeing, / took the same Dagger, and Kill'd himself.
Tune Imprint Tune is, Chevy Chase.
Standard Tune Title Chevy Chase
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