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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Couragious JOCKEY
OR, CUPID'S Victorious Triumph
Young Jenny is kind, by this we find,
when love did him allure;
His wounded heart, and cruel smart,
she willingly did cure.
To the Tune of, King Jameses Jigg ; Or, lThe Country Farmer . Entred according to Order.

Y Oung Jockey was jolly, blith, and gay,
When he to young Jenny did take his way,
As fine as a Leard he appear'd to view,
A Sward by his side, and Bonnet of Blue:
Never a Lad in all Scotland ,
Since Jockey is so rarely Man'd
That dare to oppose or make him stand,
Lest he should have tane his Sward in hand.

Thus Jockey went on with a full Carreir
To Jenny his jewel, and called her Dear;
Though never Sir could make him bow
Yet Jennys fair eyes won the Conquest now:

Young Cupid was a Crafty Wag,
And wounded Jockey like a Stag.
Quite into the very Wem and Crag,
All-waies me now poor bonny Lad.

Dear Jenny, quoth Jockey , grant me relief,
And let me not languish away in grief;
I'se now will endue thee with House and Land,
Then why should we longer disputing stand stand
Sweet Jenny trust thy Scottish Boy,
For thou shalt be my only joy,
Nothing shall never my love annoy,
But Jenny resisted, and seemed coy.

Quoth Jenny this proffer is too too great,
I'se fear it is but an Enchanted bait,
Young men are so full of their false deceit,
In Kissing and Courting each Lass they meet,
Till they have brought them to their bow,
And prove their fatal overthrow,
Then sighing they sin their hearts full low.
Quoth Jockey , sweet Jenny , I'se mean not so.

My words they are Loyal and perfect true,
That I am in love and with none but you
And will remain thy most faithful still,
Grant me but thy favour and kind good will:
Love do not slight now therefore,
By thee I set such mighty store,
Should I have the choice of a thousand more,
Yet none but my Jenny I'se ne'r adore.

When Jockey had said what he had to say,
She had not the power to say him nay,
Her silence did seem for to give consent,
He knew by her motion her mild intent:
Then smilingly she thus reply'd.
Be faithful now what e're betide,
Thy suit it shall never more be deny'd,
I'se yield now to be thy faithful Bride.

Then Jockey was jolly and gave a kiss
So Jenny in token of true loves bliss;
And now these two Lovers are both agreed
To finish the matter in hand with speed:
Away they gang to Berwick Town,
To buy a Ring and Russet Gown,
He gave her two Guinnies and half a Crown,
For he was a Leard of high Renown.

Au's me , what a muckle ado was there,
When they for the Wedding did thus prepare:
Her Daddy and Mammy and Sister Sue ,
With Sawny and Moggy , and all the Crew:
Was blith upon his wedding-day,
The Lads and Lasses they were gay,
The Pipers and Fidlers they did play,
The Scottish Jigg and the Irish Day.

This may be Printed R. L. S.
Printed for J. Deacon , at the Angel in Guilt-spur-
street without Newgate.

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