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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Pretty KATE of Edenborough;
A New Scotch Song,
Sung to the KING at Windsor.
Just when the young & blooming Spring, had melted down the winter Snow,
And in the Grove the birds did sing these charming Notes on ev'ry Bough:
Poor Willy sat bemoaning his fate, and woful state, for loving, loving, loving
and dispairing too, alas! he'd cry, that I must dye, for pritty Kate of Edenbrough.

WIlly was late at a Wedding-house,
where Lords & Ladies danc'd all arow
But Willy none so pritty a Lass
as bonny Kate of Edenbrough;
Her bright eyes, with smiling joys,
did so surprize,
And something, something, something,
else that shot him through:
Thus Willy lies, entranc'd in joys,
with pritty Kate of Edenbrough

The God of Love was Willy's Friend,
and cast an eye of pitty down
And straight a fatal Dart did send,
the cruel Virgins heart to wound:
Now every Dream is all of him,
who still does seem
More lovely, lovely, lovely,
since the Marriage Vow:
Thus Willy lies, entranc'd in joys,
with pritty Kate of Edenbrough.

Now Willy thinks his happiness,
all other Creatures do exceed,
His tongue cannot his joys express,
since Kate and he are well agreed:
Both day and night, her beauty bright,
is his delight,

And nothing, nothing, nothing,
else can Willy do,
But sound her fame, and praise the Name
of pritty Kate of Edenbrough.

Cupid with his love doth bless,
granting him his hearts desire,
He doth continually express,
how that his heart is all on fire:
He feels no pains, amidst his Chains,
but still remains
A wounded, wounded, wounded
love firm and true;
And all his prate, is now of late,
of pritty Kate of Edenbrough.

He swears her eyes are full of Charms,
enough to conquer all the world,
Her smiles secure him from all harms,
her Locks they are so neatly curl'd;
That in his mind he ne'r shall find
since she proves kind,
A Lover, Lover, Lover,
like his Katy true;
and doth express his happiness,
in pritty Kate of Edenbrough.


Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden-Ball, in Pye-Corner.

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