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Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
You pretty little Ladies will do so.
Or, A Match made up against the Whitson-Holidays.
This Dity was compos'd, the truth is so,
By a Young-man that did a Maiden wooe;
He met with her under a shady Bower,
And made a Lady of her in an hour.
All you Young-men that know not how to wooe,
Give ear to this, 'twill teach you what to do.
To the Tune of, Lusty Bacchus, etc.

FOrth walking in the Summers time
When Flora's flowers were in their prime
Under a sweet perfum'd shade,
I saw a Young-man and a Maid,
With complements he did her crave,
Something which he desired to have,
But to this question she said no,
You pretty little Ladies will do so,

The gallant Youth to her did say,
I'le make of thee a Lady gay,
I'le deck thy head like Loves fair Queen
And Cloath thee in a Gown of green:
Sweet Lady shall this bargain hold
Kiss on condition make me bold,
What though at first you said me no;
You pritty little Ladies will do so.

Sweet sir, she thus reply'd again,
Spend not your breath and time in vain,
For any thing you crave of me,
I will deny it certainly,
And whatsoever you do say,
I'le answer you another way,
And when you ask me, I'le say no;
Quoth he, you pretty Ladys will do so

Lady said he, it is my choice,
When I shall elevate my voice,
For to record a true-Loves song:
In which I mean no Goddess wrong,
Will you deny to bear a part
And forth-with break my love-sick heart,
Will you; quoth he, she answered no;
You pritty little Ladies will do so-

IIf I should ask you to do this
To inrich my lips with on sweet kiss,
It would better be ten thosand fold
To me, than was great Craesus gold
One hony kiss will end the strife
If other wise 'twill cost my life,
Shall I dye or live, say I or no:
You pretty little Ladies can do so.

My person pure, my heart and hand,
Shall ever be at thy command;
I'le ride and run at your desire,
Through water cold, or flames of fire,
What is't that i'le not undertake,
If I could once but hear thee speak
One loving word to ease my woe?
You pretty Ladies, etc.

This is the prime time of the year,
This is time to make good chear,
This is the time call'd Whitsontide,
This time I will make thee my Bride,
If you thereto will give consent,
This match we never need repent,
Both hand in hand, to Church wee'l go.
You pretty Ladies will do so.

Five hundred pound I have said he,
All which I will bestow on thee,
Besides Corn, sheep, and Cattle store
And all that I have spoke before:

you shall have servants great and small,
To wait on you when e're you call,
What you'l have done command them do
You pretty little Ladies will do so.

You shall be fed with diet fine,
Your drink shall be the purest wine,
The rarest Musick can be had,
Chearfully shall play to make you glad
And when you hear the Musick sound,
If't please you for to dance a round,
And nimbly trip it with the toe,
You pretty little Ladies can do so.

When she had heard his complement,
And he related his intent;
About his neck her arms she clips,
And with sweet kisses imbalm'd his lips
And in requital of her pain
He pay'd her with the like again:
She left her note of answering no;
You pretty little Ladies will do so.

At length being ravished both with joy,
One to the other seem'd not coy,
But on a sudden down they fell,
How he came of I cannot tell,
But sure they drive some pretty trade,
Cupid and Venus lent them aid:
They did as other Lovers do:
You pretty little Ladies will do so.

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray,
and T. Passinger.

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