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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Time's Darling:
Or, A Love worth liking:
Being a fit Companion for all Men, abroad and at home, at bed and at board, that lacketh
good Company. Tune of, If you love me tell me so; Or; Loves tide.

YOu Lovers all where e're you be,
Draw near and listen unto me,
Here in this Song you may behold,
That which I more esteem than Gold:
No fond delight, nor fictions strange,
Shall make my constant heart to range;
Search through the world, & you shall find
No love like a contented mind.

Perhaps you'l ask where you may see
One in these times content to be?
Or where that treasure may be found,
Now in this Age on English ground?
Yet by experience I can tell,
Where a contented mind doth dwell:
Read but these lines, and you shall find
No love like a contented mind.

If thou art Rich, then be content,
Forget not thou from whom 'twas sent;
If God hath lent thee treasure store,
Thou art but the Steward for the Poor,
One day, be sure, thou must appear,
To give account what thou didst here:
And when these lines thou true shalt find,
No Wealth like a contented mind.

If thine Estate be took from thee,
And thou art brought to Poverty,
By Crosses or Afflictions strong,
Murmur nor grieve at any wrong;
'Tis God that hath a hand o're all,
To raise thee up, or let thee fall:
Perhaps the Lord would try to find,
If thou hadst Jobs contented mind.

If honours or preferments great,
Shall raise thee up to Justice Seat.
Or that by place or Dignity,
A Judge of Causes thou must be,
Think that Heavens Court of justice high
O're all your Actions cast an eye;
That mighty Judge be sure can find,
The secrets of your heart and mind.

If that Gods Laws thou break, be sure,
Or by oppression wrong the Poor,
Or if of Men thou stand'st in fear,
To do what they would have thee here;
Or let the mighty bear the sway,
And turn the poor man's Cause away;
He that doth this, be sure will find,
A troubled discontented mind.

IF otherwise thou seem'st to be,
A judge of Right and Equity,
And will the poor mans cause defend,
As well as his that hath means to spend
And right the wrongs of the Fatherless,
Likewise the Widdow in distress:
A reward in Heaven thou then shalt find,
And on earth a sweet contented mind.

If thou art Rich, thou poor may'st be,
If thou art poor, wealth may'st thou see,
If thou to honour rise or fall,
Be sure thou be content withal:
This World is subject still to change,
Then let not thine affections range;
Nothing on earth be sure thou'lt find,
Compar'd to a contented mind.

If God hath sent thee Children store,
And yet perhaps thou art but poor,
Dispair not, but contented be,
He will provide for them and thee:
To every mouth he bread will send,
And still will stand the poor mans friend;
Relief from him thou sure shalt find,
If thou hast a contented mind.

What if this World doth frown on thee,
For thy Faith and Fidelity;
Or that thou beest in Prison cast,
The Lord may bring thee out at last?
If not, thou hadst better there to dye,
Than from the true Religion flye;
Keep but thy Faith, and thou shalt find,
In Prison a sweet contented mind.

If that thy Conscience tells to thee
Thy cause is just, be rul'd by me;
Let not the Thrones of mighty Men
Take thy good Conscience from thee then;
They of thy body shall have power,
Be sure thy Soul they can't devour;
In a quiet conscience thou shalt find
A continual feast to please thy mind.

If that thou think a God there be,
That rules the heaven and earth we see
Then think he hath a hand o're all,
To raise men up, or let them fall:
All Rulers great by Sea and Land,
Must stoop, if once he gives command;
He must protect you, else you'l find,
A sad and discontented mind.

Content is a jewel, and a Feast,
Content is a rich and welcome Guest,
Content is of such a high Renown,
'Tis better than an earthly Crown:
Content is of such a precious store
That he that hath it need no more;
If you gain it; you sure shall find
No joys like a contented mind.

But if Content you needs will gain,
I'le tell you where it doth remain;
Inquire where conscience keeps his Court
And where Plain-dealing doth resort;
Then truth will lead you by the hand,
And bring you where Content doth stand:
Imbrace him then and you shall find
No Wealth to a Contented mind.

Printed for J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and T. Passinger.

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