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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Dispairing Shepherds Advice to Rash Lovers:
A Caution against Flattery.
Being a most pleasant and delightful New Play-Song.
Kind Strephons love makes scornful Phillis flye,
And look on him with a Disadainful Eye;
'Tis so with all young Virgins, when they prove
Their youthful Suitors both admire and love;
Then Youths beware that when you love most dear,
Let then the least love outwardly appear.
Tune of, Hail to the Mirtle Shades.

IN a Grove where fair Nymphs dwell,
young Strephon the pride of the Plain;
His love-sick Story did tell,
how the Nymph did his suit disdain:
Ah cruel! he cry[']d away,
fond Cupid now torture no more;
You see I your Laws obey,
though I all in vain do adore.

Ah! Phillis is now unkind,
and my love does requite with scorn,
Ah! Phillis no more I find,
thy cruel frowns must be born;

For the more I court, you flye,
and crueller still you do grow;
And though poor Strephon shou'd dye,
yet to him no kindness you'd show.

Bear witness you Woods and Springs,
you Rocks and you neighbouring Hills,
And each pritty Bird that sings,
that Phillis has Eyes which kill:
When first I beheld her face,
her charms did so powerful prove,
That all my Manhood gave place,
and I was constrain'd for to love.

WHich has caus'd my grief and woe,
and many a showre of Tears;
To think how my Love did flow,
and yet did get nothing but cares:
For had I not prov'd so kind,
and flatter'd her still with such praise;
I far more favour might find,
and Venus had Crown'd me with Bays.

Then Shepherds a warning take,
beware how you flatter the proud;
Least that their conceits do make
them vanish your hopes to a Cloud:
For Women of their own motion,
can boast and swell with ambition,
And think that our Devotion
for them is not half sufficient.

For if we praise their features,
and say that they'r vertuous and fair;
Excelling Mortal Creatures,
and beautious beyond all compare:
Then they will look with disdain,
and think us unworthy to view;
Nor pitty, though we complain,
though all that we said was untrue.

But if we prove coy, they'l be
soon ready our favour to wooe;
And unto our wish will agree,
and what e're we'd have'um do:
Had I not shew'd her such love,
I ne'r had been serv'd at this rate;

But Cupid does cruel prove,
pushing on the rash Lovers fate.

But I, poor I must pine,
because I can never redeem
Those Moments that once were mine,
in which I might gain her esteem:
For women like wind do change,
and when that their quarter they shift;
They through the whole compass range,
and ship-wrack our passions adrift.

Then by sad Strephons complaint,
beware how too far you do wade;
Least you do find a restraint,
and then all your hopes will soon fade:
Love is much like a Quick-sand,
on which if you stay but to pause,
It will soon sink where you stand,
and you to stick fast in will cause.

The which by experience I tell,
and eccho to Woods my sad moan;
And here resolve for to dwell,
because unkind Phillis is gone:
For I'm past Cure now I find,
and Death he must ease me of grief;
Unless my Phillis prove kind,
and bring me a speedy relief.


Printed for J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thac-
keray, and T. Passinger.

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