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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Olimpa's Unfortunate Love;
OR ,
GALLIUS his Treacherous Cruelty .
A new Song, as it is Sung in a Play , called, The Spanish Fryer.
At the Kings Theatre, with great applause.
Fairest Olimpia at last being won,
Did yield to Gallius , who has her undone
Her Honour's lost, & he does her neglect
His ends being gain'd he shews her no respect:
But flies her arms, whilst that false man she crys
And in her Blood her fatal Dagger dyes.
To a pleasant new Play-House Tune.

F Arewel ungrateful Traytor,
farewel my perjur'd Swain
[L]et never injur'd creature
believe a man again:
[T]he pleasure of possessing,
[S]urpasses all expressing,
[B]ut 'tis too short a blessing,
and love too long a pain.

'Tis easie to deceive us,
in pitty of your pain.
But when we love you leave us,
to rail at you in vain:
Before we have discry'd it,
There is no bliss beside it,
But she that once has try'd it,
will never love again.

The passion you pretended,
was only to obtain,
But when the Charm is ended
the Charmer you disdain:
Your love by ours we measure,
Till we have left our treasure,
But dying is a pleasure,
when living is a pain.

For who would live in torment,
to be each moment slain,
By flames of love so fervent,
enrag'd by mans disdain:
When death has power to ease us,
Of all the woes that seize us,
And sorrows that displease us,
so ne're to grieve again.

No tortures like to loving,
and not be lov'd again,
Yet we are oft approving,
of such a fatal bane;
By crediting their wishes,
Their toying and their kisses
Which do but raise our blisses,
to fall beneath disdain.

They only are for pleasure,
our honours so to stain,
Then let us grieve at leisure,
they'l laugh when we complain:
And still will prove more cruel
By adding of new fuel,
In which they think they do well,
to martyr us with pain.

Whilst like the Phenix frying,
we in sweet Gums remain,
They triumph in our dying,
and boast they trophies gain

But cruel man tis faded,
Since you my Love invaded,
I will not be upbraided,
first Death shall end my pain.

O witness all ye powers,
how he my Love did gain,
Whilst oft in shady bowers
he swore he would remain:
The constantest of Lovers,
But now my Loss discovers,
How black my fate it hovers,
and how his vows were vain.

With that a sigh she breathed,
whilst in her breast the flame
Did struggle to be eased,
when ah! she did proclaim;
Too Cruel Galius flying,
When thy Olimpia's dying,
With gloomy eyes the eying,
each corner of the plain.

When as she Deaths keen message
out of her bosome drew,
And gave it speedy passage,
her life for to subdue;
Then cry'd false man, her passion
Who first for you took Station,
Fate weds past alteration,
Olympia Dyes for you:

Printed for J. Deacon , at the Angel in Guilt-spur-street, without Newgate [.]

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