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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Extreams of Love,
The Distressed Lovers:
Being a dreadful account of two young people who were ingaged in affection, till at last
the young man proved deceitfull, Which broke his Lovers tender heart, but when he
heard this deplorable news, he supposed he still see her before his eyes, and rested not,
till sighs and Tears did put a period to his life also: so that they were both buryed in
one Grave.
To the Tune of, In Summer Time.

YOu Lovers all both far and near,
come listen to my mournful song,
And I shall plainly make appear,
how love procur'd my deadly wrong.

I was a Virgin fair and free,
in whom some young-men took delight
Love brought me in Captivity,
and turn'd my day to darksome night.

By flattering speeches I was won,
till my poor heart was set on fire,
So I at last was quite undone,
and now my life it will expire.

A handsome Youth unto me came,
who did to me unconstant prove,
He said his heart was all on flame,
and nothing could his mind remove.

His faithless speeches I beleiv'd,
and to his suit I did consent.
But he at last hath me deceiv'd
and now too late I do repent.

With wat'ry eyes and killing throbs,
I spend the long and ted[i]ous night,
In nothing but heart-breaking sobs.
and thoughts of him I take delight.

BUt 'tis too late I said before,
to call my wishes back again,
For he whom I in heart adore,
my company doth quite refrain.

Such pangs I constantly endure,
would wound each faithful lovers heart
But am past hopes of any cure,
and must endure this deadly smart.

Ah! cruel wretch to use me so,
that priz'd thee far more dear than gold,
Now thou hast wrought my overthrow,
that in a trice thou wilt behold.

Her vitals then began to fail,
and stoop unto all-conquering Death,
Her Rosy Cheeks then waxed pale,
for then she lost her murm'ring breath.

But when these tydings to him came,
who was the cause of all her grief,
Against himself he did exclaim,
and would by no means find relief.

Inhumane wretch, quoth he, am I,
accursed from the hour of birth,
Who caus'd this creature for to dye,
that was the glory of the earth.

Come quickly Death, and end my smart,
for here I can no comfort find,
Since I have broke her tender heart,
that was so loving and so kind.

See where she stands before mine eyes,
and beckons me to come away;
All hopes of comfort I dispise,
and now must to my bed of clay.

Could sighs or wishes, ought prevail,
to bring my true love back again,
Or could my prayers or tears avail,
she should for ever here remain.

But she'l not let me be at rest,
till I come to my darksome tomb.
With fears I still shall be opprest,
till with her I attain a room.

With fearful countenance he spoke,
and looked like a man half dead,
So in a trice his heart was broke,
and with her he was buried.

Then mind these lines that here are writ,
you true and faithful Lovers all,
False dealing is a thing unfit,
and oft procures a shameful fall.

You Maidens all be sure be wise,
to flattering youngsters never trust,
For if they can your hearts surprise,
they'l prove deceitful and unjust.

This may be Printed. R. L. S.
Printed for J. Back, at the Black-
Boy on London-Bridge.

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