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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Westminster Madams Lamentation
For the breaking up of the CAMPAIGN at Hounslow-Heath, and the loss of their Pleasure
they used to receive there. Together with Souldiers kind Answer, in Com-
forting them, with hopes of meeting again the next Summer.
To the Tune of, O Mother! Roger, etc.
This may be Printed, R. P.

THe Army now returns to London,
and farewel to the Campaign,
Now (alas) I am quite undone,
left to sigh and to complain:
[F]ickle Fortune has me crost,
What a Lover have I lost?
What a Hero, brave and fine,
[L]ik'd and lov'd this face of mine!
[B]ut yet I hope the next Campaign,
to see these Soldiers once again.

The Mirth we had I can't discover,
(every thing to please the mind)
[N]ot one discontented Lover,
but all blith and wondrous kind:
[W]ell may Women then complain,

Till they see such Men again,
Till they see such Youth and Fire,
(Able to create Desire)
But I hope the next Campaign,
to see these Soldiers once again.

I lik'd the place beyond expressing,
(I ne'r saw a Camp so fine)
Not a Maid in a Plain-Dressing,
but might taste a Glass of Wine:
Mirth and Bounty there was found,
(Flew like Light about the ground)
More then I can here relate,
But those joys are out of Date,
Yet still I hope the next Campaign,
to see these Soldiers once again.

I Mourn those Pleasures now are over,
that those joys are fled and gone,
That I must now loose my Lover,
and in vain must make my moan:
Oh! the Men that I have seen,
All around that Glorious Green;
Oh! the Pleasures which that place,
Did afford to every Face:
Yet still I hope the next Campaign,
to see these Soldiers once again.

But joys are dreams, (they last no longer
yet we must to Fate submit,
All the Beauties of the Younger
must decay and yield to it:
In each Tavern, and each Street,
I'le see now if I can meet
This same Soldier brisk and fine,
That has won this heart of mine:
And still hope the next Campaign,
to see my Dearest once again.

Fair joys betide thee (Soldier) ever,
I am glad I have thee found,
Let not Fortune now us sever,
lest you leave me in a sound:
Welcome (Dearest) tell me when
I shall Hounslow see agen,

That fair lovely pleasing sight,
Which abounded with Delight:
Indeed I hope the next Compaign,
to see the Soldiers once again,

The Soldiers Answer.

My fairest, Fortune now is Cruel,
for I dare not now mind Love,
Thy fair Face is Cupids Fuel,
and those joys I long to prove:
But we must be both content,
Till the Winter is quite spent;
The fair Spring will bring Delight,
Bring again that pleasing sight?
And then (my Love) the next Campaign,
you'l see the Soldiers all again.

We will next Spring renew our pleasure
but now Business calls away,
I have (now) no time or leasure,
and I dare not longer stay:
But it may not be amiss,
For to have a parting Kiss,
Farewel now to my sweat Dear,
You must not dispair or fear:
For still I hope the next Campaign,
to see my Fairest once again.


Printed for J. Back, at the Black Boy on London-bridge.

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