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EBBA 21270

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title True Love Exalted: / Or, A Dialogue between a Courteous young Knight of the / City of London, and a Searge Weavers Daughter of Devonshire. / Shewing how the young Knight was Travelling in Devon-shire, and fell in Love with a fair Maid / there: How he Courted her to be his Miss, but she not yielding to his Lascivious desires, he / was so much in Love with her Vertue, that he Marryed her, and made her a Lady, and carryed / her to the Kings Court at London, where they now live in joy and happiness.
Tune Imprint The [T]une is, Tender Hearts, &c.
Standard Tune Title Tender Hearts of London City
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