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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The London Lasses Hue-and-Cry
After Her
Dearly Beloved Robin,
Whom She unluckily lost last Saturday Night.
To the Tune of the Rant. Licensed according to Order.

GOod People pray give your Attention,
Unto this my new Hue-and-cry,
Tis after my Love, and I'll mention
his Form, and Apparrel, for why,

Without him I can't be contented,
he is the Sole-joy of my life,
For him I have wept, and lamented,
I fear I shall ne'er be a Wife.

O he is my joy, love and honey,
I lost him last Saturday night,
I'd give twenty Shillings in Money
to those that can bring him to light.

He has I must tell ye, two Faces,
his Head it stands quite all awry,
He Ambles, and hath all his Paces,
likewise he is seven hands high.

YOu'll say that there is not a sweeter
young man in the Kingdom than he,
I now will describe e'ry Feature,
if that you will listen to me.

His Skin is as fair as tann'd Leather,
likewise his sweet Face to adorn,
His Nose and his Hat meets together
turn'd up like a Sow-gelders-Horn.

His Teeth they are black, green and yellow,
those changeable Colours are fine,
And like to the fair Crimson Tallow,
his Cheeks too with Beauty does shine.

His pretty sweet Mouth I admire,
which froaths like a Tankard of Purl,
The hair of his Head like soft Wire,
you'll find them of Faggot-stick Curl,

His pretty sweet Eyes like two Sawcers,
has wounded my heart now I see,
His Ears they stand out like tw[o] Dawcers,
a pretty sweet Creature is he.

Now having described his Beauty,
his Body must no ways escape,
For here I account it my Duty,
to tell ye his delicate shape.

I think in the waste he is smaller
than the largest size of a Drum,
Besides I am sure he is taller
by the head, than honest Tom Thumb.

O he's a most delicate figure,
his Hips they do stand out behind
As broad as a Bushel and bigger,
would I this sweet Creature could find.

Some Villains his death has contracted,
or he'd not have left me I'm sure,
I shall go quite mad and distracted,
this loss I can never endure.

Look after my love Friends and mind him,
his Age is about twenty five,
A Guinny I'll give those that find him,
and bring him now dead or alive.

Perhaps they have prest my sweet Jewel,
to give him an Officers place,
But sure they wou'd ne'er be so cruel,
to take such a pretty sweet face.

Good People with pitty be fill'd, ho,
and seek him all with one accord,
Then come to the sign of the Dildoe,
and there you shall have your Reward.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, and J. Back.

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