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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Have-at a Venture :
The Charms of love so powerful are,
What mortal can withstand,
Or, who can say oppose they dare
Where Cupid bears command,
This Damsel quickly she did yield
The youngsters skill to try,
The twinkling Archer won the Field,
And then she down did lye.
Tune of, Hey boys up go we.

A Countrey Lad and bonny Lass
they did together meet,
And as they did together pass
thus he began to greet:
What I do say I pray mind well,
and thus I do begin:
If you would have your Belly swell
Hold up, and I'l put in.

Oh! Sir, (quoth she) I love the sport,
yet am afraid to try,
And for your love I thank you for't,
find but conveniency:
My mind I'le tell you by and by,
your love my heart doth win,
And presently I down will lie,
Oh! then Boy put it in.

He clasp'd this Damsel round the waste,
and softly laid her down,
Yea, wantonly he her imbrac'd
and her delights did Crown:
Thrust home (quoth she) my brisk young Lad,
'tis but a venial sin,
For I should soon have run quite mad
had you not put it in.

The sport he did so close pursue
that he was quickly tired,
But when he did her beauty view
his heart again was fired:
He came on with such fresh supplies,
he did her favour win,
And finding Babies in her eyes,
he bravly thrust it in.

What pleasure is there like to this,
this Damsel then did cry,
I've heard them talk of lovers bliss,
Oh! what a foole was I
So long to live a maid, e're I
did this same sport begin;
This death I now could freely dye:
I prithee thrust it in.

She held this Youngster to his task
till he began to blow;
Then at the last he leave did ask
and so she let him go:
Then down he panting lay a while,
and rouzing up agen
She charm'd him with a lovely smile,
again to put it in.

To work he went most earnestly,
her fancy to fulfill;
Till at the last she loud did cry,
I do't with such good will,
I pleasure feele in e'ry Vein;
my joys do now begin,
Oh Dearest quickly to't again,
and stoutly thrust it in.

She seem'd at last to be content,
and glad at heart was he,
His Youthful strength was almost spent;
so brisk a Lass was she:
He vow[']d he never was so match'd,
nor ne'r shall be agen:
And for that time they both dispatch'd,
though he had put it in.

But when she from him parted was
thus she began to cry,
Was ever any wanton Lass
in such a case as I:
He that hath got my Maiden-head
I ne'r shall see again,
And now my heart is almost dead,
to think he put it in.

But yet it had the sweetest taste
that ever mortal knew,
Our time we did not vainly waste,
believe me this is true:
Should I e're see my bonny Lad,
I'd venture once again,
And let the world account me mad,
again I'le put it in.

Printed for J. Wright, J. Clark, W Thackery and T. Passenger .

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