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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Tom and Will.
OR ,
The Shepars Sheepfold.
Both doated on a beautiful Lass
Both were alike respected;
Both thought themselves i'th better case,
Both were at last neglected.
To a pleasant new Country Tune,

TOm & Will were Shepherd Swains,
who lov'd and liv'd together;
When fair Pastora grav'd the Plains,
alack why come we thither?

For though they fed two several Flocks,
they had but one desire,
Pastora's eyes, and locks,
set both their hearts on fire.

Tom came of honest gentle race,
by Father and by Mother,
Will was noble, but alas,
he was a younger Brother.

Tom was toilsome, Will was sad,
no [Hunts]-Man, nor no [Fowler.]

Tom was held the proper Lad,
but Will the better Bowler.

The scorching flames their heart did bear,
then they could no longer smother
Although they knew they Rivals were,
they still lov'd one another.

Tom would drink her helth and swear,
this Nation will not want her,
Will could not take her by the ear,
and with his voice inchant her.

Tom keeps always in her sight,
and ne'r forgot his duty;
Will was witty and could write,
some sonnets on her beauty.

T Hus did she handle Tom and Will ,
who both did dote upon her;
For graciously she us'd them still,
and still preserv'd her honour.

Yet she was so sweet a she,
and of so sweet behaviour,
That Tom thought he, & Will thought he,
was chiefly in her favour.

Pastora was a loving Lass,
and of a comely feature,
Devinely good and fair she was,
and kind to every creature.

Of favour she was provident,
and yet not over-sparing,
She gave no less encouragement,
yet kept them from despairing.

Which of these two she loved best,
or whether she lovd either,
Tis thought they'l find it to their cost,
that she indeed lov'd neither.

She dealt her favour equally;
they both were well contented,
She kept them both from jealousie,
not easily prevented.

Tale-telling fame hath made report,
of fair Pastora's beauty,
Pastora's sent for to the Court,
there for to perform her duty.

Unto the Court Pastora's gone'
it had been no Court without her,
Our Queen amongst all her train had none
not half so fair about her,

Tom hung his Dog and threw away,
his Sheep-crook and his Wallet,
Will burst his Pipes, and curst the day,
that e're he made a Sonnet.

Their nine-pins & their bowls they break
their joys are turn'd to fears;
'Tis time for me an end to make,
let them go shake their ears.


Printed for J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and T. Passinger.

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