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Magdalene College - Pepys
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GEORGE the Glover,
Grace the Bone-Lace-maker.
George vow'd he was a faithful Lover,
But prov'd a false and faithless Glover,
At length he got this Lass with child,
Which made the Bone-Lace-maker wild.
To the Tune of, Tell me Jenny tell me roundly.

Come my Grace come sit thee by me,
let me taste of thy sweet kisses,
I do hope thoul't not deny me,
nor bereave me of my blisses:
In thy dear sight, my delight,
now to thee I do discover,
Let not me, dispised be,
for me thy faithful loving Glover.

Oh forbear your complementing,
now a days men grow deceitful,
Maids are e'ry day repenting,
that your sex are so ungratefull;
Could I find, a man so kind,
that would never more forsake her,
Whom he loves, but loyal proves,
he should have a Gold-Lace-maker.

Oh my Grace if thoul't believe me,
in loves Fetters I am chained.

But methinks, Loves Chains and Links,
seem something pleasant to a Lover,
Then I say, ne'r say me nay,
I am honest George the Glover.

Pray my dear one do not fear me,
for i'le faithful be unto thee,
If I did not love thee dearly,
I had never come to woe thee;
But my heart, doth feel such smart,
by my eyes you may discover,
That I am, a Loyal man,
called honest George the Glover.

Well, quoth she, if thou art Loyal,
I will e're be true unto thee,
If thou art false when I make tryal,
thou wilt certainly undo me;
I feel a flame, I dare not name,
by yea, and nay, I [a]m no Quaker,

The second part, to the same tune,

Many Kisses they exchanged,
Grace she seem'd exceeding kind too,
George from his pretences ranged,
and told her what he had a mind to:
Down they lay, began to play,
and still did vow ne'r to forsake her,
She did yield, he won the field,
so he betray'd the Gold-Lace-maker.

Thus they for a season toyed,
and each heart whs set on fire,
What she wanted she enjoyed,
he pretended but to try her;
But their jest in earnest proved,
and her belly did discover,
That the sport she dearly loved,
which she had with George the Glover.

George the Glover strangely stared,
when he see her belly swell,
For her Babe she then prepared,
but what to do he could not tell:
Then away, without delay,
went bonny George unto his lover,
With twenty Guineys in his hand,
thus to her spoke George the Glover.

Dearest if thou art contented,
here is twenty Guineys for thee,
For what i've done I have repented,
though at once I did adore thee;
Lust to fulfill, I got my will,
and though I vow'd I'de ne'r forsake her,
But like a Knave, I did behave,
my self unto the Bone-Lace-maker.

You fair maids that have your freedom,
and your heart can call your own still,
Great pretenders always heed them,
least you've cause to make your moan still:
Young-men you find, oft prove unkind,
yet vow and swear they'l ne'r forsake her,
George he swore, did Grace adore,
and yet deceiv'd the Bone-Lace-maker.

London Prinied for Joshua Conyers at the sign of the
Black Raven in Duck-Lane. 1683.

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