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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The true Lovers Conquest
The scornful maiden overcome by true Love and Loyalty.
The youngman took his whole delight
In his sweethearts comely sight,
And lov'd beyond all measure;
But she most proudly did disdain
For to ease him of his pain,
Or grant him any pleasure.
He doth at last her fancy move,
And like two Turtles they do love.
Tune of , Hark! the thundring Cannons rore.

F Air Nymph! those sparkling eyes of thine,
Which like two glorious Lamps do shine,
And thy Beauty so divine
hath set my heart on fire;
Nothing more entertain'd by me,
Than the pleasant thoughts of thee,
O Crown me with felicity,
and grant me my desire.

One fairer never yet hath been,
Of Nymphs thou art the very Queen,
For the Beauty which is seen
in each comely feature:

Love himself's on fire set,
Viewing thy Beauty so compleat,
Where Roses with bright Lillies meet,
incomparable Creature!

Men now a days are so unjust,
A Maiden knows not who to trust;
Then gentle Youth forbear you must
to fix your thoughts on me sir;
If Love himself 's in love with me,
My thoughts so mean shall never be,
To cast away my self on thee,
you are no Meat for me Sir.

Although thy Lovers were Divine,
Never Love can equal mine,
Who for ever will be thine,
then fair one don't deny me:
'Tis thou that art my chief delight,
On thee I think both day and night,
I'le honour thee with all my might,
then dearest do but try me.

If ever I prove false to thee,
Then deal with me accordingly,
And let me never happy be,
if with thee I dissemble:
Fairest do not me mistake,
To think I will my Love forsake,
The very thoughts of it doth make
my bleeding heart to tremble.

Though now you do pretend to love,
Each trifle will the same remove.
Man. No by the gods I'le constant prove,
and never will forsake thee,
Maid. Forbear, it is not all your skill
That shall intrap me to your will.
Man. Fair one, I will love thee still,
Maid. Fair words shall never toke me.

I use no falshood nor deceit,
Nor with fair speeches make a bait,
For any other guile or feat,
but my true love unto thee;
My love is constant, just, and true,
I can fancy none but you,
If you deny, death will insue,
and presently undo me.

Methinks my heart begins to yield,
I can my self no longer shield,
O youth, thou now hast won the field,
come then and use thy pleasure:
I can no longer thee withstand,
But wholly am at thy command,
Here's my heart, and here's my hand,
thou art my only treasure.

O now my Joy, I can't express
Nor equal the true happiness
Wherewith thou dost thy Lover bless,
then seal it with a kiss too:
In love we will each other meet,
Enjoying with embraces sweet,
And all the gods they shall us meet,
and envy our bliss too.

Printed for J. Blare at the Looking-glass on London-bridge.

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