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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Love and Constancy United:
Or the Languishing Lady made Happy.
A Pleasant new Song
To a pleasant new Tune, Or my Life and my death . This may be Printed. R. P.

M Y Life and my Death lies both in your power,
I never was wretched till this cruel hour,
Sometimes it is true, you tell me you Love,
But alas! 'tis too kind for me ever to prove,
Cou'd you guess with what pain my poor heart is opprest
I am sure my Alexis wou'd soon make me blest.

Distractedly Jealous I do hourly rove,
Thus sighing and musing 'tis all for my love;
No place can I find that will yield me relief,
My Soul is for ever entangl'd in grief.
But if the kind Stars let me see him, O then,
I le forgive the Cruel author of all my past pain.

'Tis strange his unkindness is such, when poor I,
Contented cou'd languish for him till I dye,
And think it a pleasure, to feel such sweet pain,
If my thoughts cou'd convince me he'd come but again,
So hard there's no heart, but methinks it should yield,
When beauty in tears does thus plead for the field.

My Alexis return, then return and be kind,
Since you amongst Virgins a faithful one find:
What e're you demand you shall see I will do,
You never you never shall find me untrue,
Come rescue me then from the arms of pale Death,
Or she who'd enjoy you must yield him her breath.

How oft when I crown'd you with Garlands, did you
Swear you would for ever prove constant and true,
And tenderly grasp my soft hand with a smile,
And whisper'd a thousand soft things all the while,
Which melted my Soul in a passion of love,
To grant my dear shepherd what e're he wou'd move.

For if he returns not to give me relief,
My Soul is for ever entangl'd in grief,
Return then Alexis , return and be kind,
Since a Virgin more faithful you never can find:
Return and i'le make you the pride of the plain,
But alas 'tis my fear that I wish all in vain.

The fates O too cruel I fear will deny,
Yet come what will come, I at last can but dye,
But stay, who approaches so manly and great,
A Shepherd, it cannot be of a mean fate,
O 'tis my dear Love, let me flye to that bliss,
And greedily snatch from his lips a kind kiss.

Cease fairest Aminta to grieve any more,
Behold thy Alexis that doth the adore,
Bends at your feet, and presents you a heart,
O'recharg'd with such joys as he cannot impart:
Your Constancy dearest Aminta I find,
And henceforth Alexis will ever be kind.

Oh me! I must chide you so strangely to prove,
The passion of one that so kindly does love,
Yet methinks when I gaze on your face 'twere a Sin,
To let any pass on but love enter in:
Conceiting I now all the World may out-brave,
And nothing can want since Alexis I have.

A lexis.
No more my A minta but let's to the shade,
And there make amends for the time we delay'd,
Let us Crown all our joys with the transport of Love,
Whilst ever for ever we constant will prove;
Forgeting past pain, we will still live at ease,
Whilst Alexis shall strive his Aminta to pelase.


You are desired to beware of a false Counterfeit ong in Im-
itation of this true Copy, which is only Printed for C. Dennis-
son at the S tationers-arms within A ldgate.

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