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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Flora's lamentable passion,
Crown'd with unspeakable Joy and Comfort,
Flora she did sore lament,
her Spirit did decay;
Strephon fill'd her with content,
and cast all Grief away.
To the Tune of, Tender hearts of London City .

FLoras in her Grove she lyed,
Sighing panting thus she cryed,
Strephon thou art fled from me;
O my Swain I may complain,
for thou dost prove unkind I see.

I was ever chaste and Loyal,
O it is a grevious tryal,

that we should separated be:
Cupits Dart, hath pierc'd my heart,
alas my joys are fled from me.

Here I sit in grief afflicted,
By my love I am rejected,
sorrows hath compast me round;
Insulting Death, come stop my breath,
and let not grief in me abound.

The pretty little Lambs lamented,
Seeming to be discontented,
Hearing of her make this moan;
Quoth she my pain I can't contain,
for all my joys are from me flown.

He a thousand times hath kist me.
And as many times has blest me,
calling me his only joy;
But now I find he proves unkind,
which doth my comforts quite destroy.

With sweet language thou didst woe me
And with comforts did'st indue me,
yet thou proved'st most false I see;
Remember now thy former vow,
which thou didst make in secresie,

I was never fond and fickle,
Down her Cheeks the tears did trickle,
and her colour waxed pale,
With complaint, her heart did faint,
quoth she, I find my spirits fail.

Strephons Answer to Flora's Complaint.
In the midst of all her trouble,
Strephon did her joys redouble,

with a sweet oblieging way;
He did her greet, quoth he my sweet,
my Love is fixt from all decay.

Floras I do dearly love thee,
I esteem no one above thee,
thou shalt have thy hearts delight;
Then here's my hand, do thou command
and I will serve thee day and night.

Though I seemed to be parted,
Yet I am more loyal hearted,
my Love is linked unto thee;
Take hand and heart, we'l never part,
thou art my life and liberty.

Floras I in heart adore thee,
I prefer no one before thee,
thou hast a sweet oblieging Eye;
I'le ne'r be cruel to my Jewel,
but be faithful till I dye.

Do not think that I will slight thee.
I endeavour to delight thee,
nothing shall my love annoy;
I will nourish, and will cherish,
my sweet Floras , my true joy.

Printed for J. Deacon , at the Angel in Guilt-spur street without Newgate.

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