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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Flora Happily Revived
By Strephons Return:
Strephon he was kind and Loyal,
As we here may plainly see,
Every Blessing she is possessing,
Both in Love and Unity.
To the Tune of , The Fair one let me in.

W Hen Phoebus with her glittering Beams,
had deckt each Grove and shade,
Fair Flora sitting by the Streams,
and on her Lute she plaid:
Her pleasant sounding Instrument,
did Eccho in the air,
Which fill'd her heart with true content,
but Strephon was not there.

By Name she was framed so,
each Nymph she did exceed,
And from her features there did flow
a thousand smiles indeed:

But still she cries where is my love,
where is my dearest dear?
The Sun hath guilded all the Grove
but Strephon is not here.

She mist her Strephon all the day,
which fill'd her heart with fear,
She tript unto the vail straightway,
and cry'd where is my dear?
But none did answer her complaint,
though she did much bewail,
With grief her very heart did faint,
her beauty waxed pale.

Said she, thou hadst no legal cause,
to leave thy Flora now,
It is a breach of Cupids Law,
in love to break your vow:
And thus in vain she did complain,
and spent the silent night,
Quoth she, I fear my love is slain,
my joy and hearts delight.

Her passion over-rul'd her mind,
and drove her in dispair,
She left her pritty Lambs behind,
and wandred far and near:
She searcht each grove & vally round
but yet alas in vain,
For Strephon was not to be found,
which fill'd her heart with pain.

Her senses they were stupify'd,
she could not then forbear,
But smiting on her breast she cry'd,
and tore her lovely hair;
which hung down like threads of gold
a pleasant Ornament,
But Strephon grieved to behold,
to see her thus lament.

St[r]ephons happy return to his dearest Flora

L O here my Flora , here's thy swain
that does thy self adore,
The truest and the happiest man,
as ever liv'd before:
Quoth he, sweet creature, surely I
will not Disloyal be,

But love my Flora till I die,
my love is linkt to thee.

Thou art the glory of the shade,
where thee thy Flocks doth feed,
A fair and vertuous comely Maid,
no one can thee exceed;
I do protest, I am not blest,
without thy Company,
Then prithee set thy heart at rest,
i'le feed my flocks by thee.

And live in perfect unity,
and run out natures race,
Till death we'l never parted be,
but lovingly imbrace:
I'le wipe away those melting tears,
which did disturb thy peace,
And banish all suspicious fears,
that joys might then increase.

He kindly took her by the hand,
her sen[s]es did revive,
Said he, my Flora , understand,
if I remain alive;
I'le crown thy days with true content,
as thou shalt plainly see,
Thou never shalt again lament,
for Strephons company.


Printed for J. Deacon at the Sign of the
Angel, in Guilt-spur-street.

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