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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Jolly Ralph the Joyner,
Kind Kate the Cookmaid.
Sweet Kate and Ralph secure and safe
In folded Arms they lay,
And spent the night in sweet delight,
Till almost break of day.
To an Excellent New tune of, Daniel Cooper , Or, Tom the Taylor .

B Risk Ralph of late he came to Kate ,
couragiously he woo'd her,
He vow'd he lov'd at such a rate,
that he must needs intrude her:
To let him in though late at night,
when all was fast a sleeping,
Then courting of his hearts delight,
and thus began his greeting.

Wast thou kind as thou art fair,
then in my approbation,
No creature could with the compare,
the glory of the Nation:

Sweet Katy do not slight me now,
but quench Loves fiery Fuel,
I do protest to thee and vow,
thou art mine onely Jewel.

I prithee Ralph now sit thee still,
and do not thus delude me,
For should I yield unto thy will,
Oh then thou wouldst exclude me:
My Kate do not such things report,
nor never once deny it,
In town and court they love the sport,
then prithee lets go try it,

My Kate thy sweet oblieging eyes,
to me are such a blessing,
My very sences do surprize,
Oh that I was possessing
Those pleasant joys the Girls & Boys
that are of Venus Schooling.
Quoth modest Kate how thou dost prate
I can't abide such fooling.

But yet he laid her on the Bed,
and Ralph he lay down by her,
He with delights her fancies fed,
it was her hearts desire:
Quoth Ralph I know thou lov'st me well,
thy arms did so imbrace me,
Quoth Kate I fear thou'd kiss and tell,
and that will quite disgrace me.

O no my Kate I do protest,
I never will declare it,
I'le keep it safe within my breast,
my dear thou need'st not fear it:
If e're I tell of such like things,
let me be whipt with Nettles;
Let me be bound with fiddle strings
and kickt to death with Cripples.

Then R alph their pleasures did renew,
and Kate did not refuse it,
But said my Boy, and thank you too,
but prithee don't abuse it:

No by my faith quoth bonny Ralph ,
my dear thou needst not doubt it,
I have a slight at this delight,
when e're I go about it.

And Ralph he then saluted her,
his love he needs must show it,
Said Kate I fear some great demur
if any one should know it:
I prithee Kate now who can know,
since here is none that's near us,
Quoth Kate , I prithee speak more low,
for fear my Master hear us.

When morning day-light did appear,
Ralph could no longer tarry,
But now attend and you shall hear
how he did then miscarry:
He vow'd he'd ne'r come there no more
for down the stairs he tumbl'd,
Against her Masters Chamber door,
the fall did make him jumble.

Her Master jumped out of Bed,
this noise did surely fright him,
But Ralph got up, away he fled,
he would not stand to fight him;
A wench that watcht them all the night
while Kate was in her Glory,
And by this means I came to write
the truth of all the Story.

Printed for J. Deacon , at the Sign of the Angel , in Guiltspur-street without Newgate

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