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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Happy Husbandman:
Country Innocence.
To a pleasant new Court Tune. This may be Printed, R. P.

M Y young Mary do's mind the Dairy,
while I go a Howing, and Mowing each morn
Then hey the little Spinning-Wheel
Merrily round do's Reel;
while I am singing amidst the Corn:
Cream and Kisses both are my Delight,
And she gives me them, and the Joys of Night
She's soft as the Air,
As morning Fair,
Is not such a maid a most pleasing Sight?

While I whistle, she from the Thistle
does gather Down, for to make us a Bed,
And then my little Love does lye
All the Night long and Dye
[in the] kind Arms of her nown dear Ned ;

There I tast of a delicate Spring,
But I mun not tell you nor name the thing,
To put you a Wishing,
And think of Kissing,
For Kisses cause sighs, and young men shou'd sing.

Sedge and Rushes, and tops of Bushes
shall thatch our Roof, & shall strow all our Floar,
And then the pretty Nightingales
Will fly from Groves and Dales
to live with us, and we'll ne'er be Poor:
Little Lambkins when ever they dye
Will bequeath new Blankets to thee and I,
Our Quilts shall be Roses
Which June disposes;
So warm and so sweet my young Love shall lye.

Fountains pure, shall be thy Ewer,
to sprinkle water upon thy fair Face;
And near the little Flock shall Play,
All the long Summers day;
gentle white Lambs will adorn the place.
Then at night we'll hie home to our Hive,
And (like Bees) enjoy all the sweets alive:
We'll tast all Love's Treasure,
And enjoy that Pleasure,
While others for Fame & for Greatness strive.

No man's frowns are on the Downs,
for truly there we most freely may sing,
And kiss the pretty Nancies ,
While Changes and Chances
amuse all the Great, and Disturbance bring.
We will with our young Lambs go to Bed,
And observe the Lives that our Fathers led;
We'll mind not Ambition,
Nor sow Sedition,
And leave State-Affairs to the States-man's Head.

Oaten Reeds (those humble Weeds)
shall be the Pipes, upon which we will play,
And on the merry Mountain,
Or else by a Fountain,
we'll merrily pass the sweet Time away:
Sure no mortal can blame us for this.
And now mark the way of your London Miss,
She masters your Breeches,
And takes your Riches
While we have more Joys by a harmless Kiss.

No Youth here need Willow wear,
no beauteous Maid will her Lover destroy;
The gentle little Lass will yield
In the soft Daizy Field,
freely our pleasures we here enjoy:
No great Juno we boldly defie,
With young Cloris Cheeks, or fair Celia 's Eye,
We let all those things alone,
And enjoy our own,
Every Night with our Beauties lye.

Printed for P. Brooskby at the Golden Ball in

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