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Magdalene College - Pepys
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An ANSWR to the
Wealthy GRASIER;
An Account of the pleasant Passages on the WEDDING-DAY.
Tho she was mean, yet like a Queen,
she did appear most Gay;
Her Uncles Gold, she di behold,
upon her Wedding-day.
Tune of, Ladies of London, This may be Printed. R.P.

D ID you not hear of a Wedding of late?
a Grasier there's none more compleater,
Being a Man of a worthy Estate,
and she a most Beautiful Creature:
Tho' some declar'd her Portion was small,
in her he had fixed his pleasure,
He ne'r inquir'd for any at all,
he priz'd her more dearer than treasure.

Therefore there needed no more to be sed,
the Match was made up very fairly;
Nay, and that morning they were to be Wed,
he came to his Bride very early:

Likewise his Friends came with him also,
their kindness to her they did render,
And as they passed it was a rare show,
the Bride she appeared in splendor.

They being Marry'd to both their content,
while Death never to be divided;
Home to her Father and Mother they went,
where was a rich Dinner provided:
Plenty of all things there did abound,
both Beer, Ale, and likewise Canary,
And as the Glass it went merrily round,
they all was most heartily merry.

She had an Uncle, a Wealthy rich Man,
who was at the Wedding and Dinner;
Cousen, said he, I will do what I can,
since thou had'st the fortune to win her:
Something this day with her I will give,
and therefore I prithee come hither,
See that you Love her as long as you live,
that Heavens may bless you together.

She shall ne'r be no bad bargain behold,
as long as her Uncle is able;
Then did he pull out whole handful[?]s of Gold,
and tendered it down on the Table:
Here is two hundred Guinneas, said he,
be careful and do your endeavour,
And then hereafter I will be more free,
it is not the most I can give her.

Take up this Money, I do you entreat,
I freely do give it, as knowing,
When Love and Money together does meet,
their comforts will always be flowing:
This I protest is something above
what some had who once did refuse her,
But you that Marry her meerly for Love,
in this you shall ne'r be a looser.

I being single, I therefore declare,
as long as I live I'le not Marry,
Therefore make hast now and get me an Heir,
a Boy, and his name shall be Harry ;
To whom my Land and Houses I'le give,
when Life from this Body shall sever,
Not only you and your Son shall receive,
but likewise his Children for ever.

Now the old Dad was as great as a King,
as he was relating his Story,
Musick and Dancing and Bells they did Ring,
the Bride she was all in her Glory:
Likewise her Friends in midst of this joy,
was merry and laugh'd out of measure,
Saying be sure that you think of this Boy,
and that we may have a young Grasier .

Printed for J. Deacon , at the Angel in Guilt-spur-
street , without N ewgate .

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