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EBBA 21104

Magdalene College - Pepys
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True love without deceit
OR, The Country Girles Happiness.
Where Love and Truth together meet,
what pleasure do they find!
Beneath the Sun nothing more sweet
to a True Lovers mind.
Tune of, The Fair one let me in; or, Hey boys up go we.

WE that are bonny Country girles
injoy our hearts delight;
We matter not the Lords, nor Earls,
nor do admire the Knights:
For Tom, and Dick, with George, & Will,
do give us such content,
As if our minds for to fulfill
they were from Heaven sent.

Though all the day abroad they keep,
at night they home return,
And in their Lovers Arms do sleep,
who all the day did mourn;
And with sweet kisses do us please,
yea; give us such content,
That we count Love a sweet Disease
from Heaven for Lovers sent.

When Susan doth her Robin spy,
O how her Heart doth leap!
She hath him still within her eye,
and in her heart doth keep
That face she doth so much admire,
which breeds her hearts content;
And then she cries, that pleasant Fire
was for poor Lovers sent.

Nell, Bess, and Jone, all love full well,
and cannot it deny;
Their passions others do excell;
in Love-sick flames they fry,
While Ned and loving Bartholomew
their absence do lament:
And Love unto this jovial Crew
was sure from Heaven sent.

Oh! that I could express the Charms
that do these Lovers seize,
When they betwixt each others Arms
do lie in perfect ease:
While e'ry sigh produceth Love,
and gives their hearts content;
These pleasures surely from Above
were for true Lovers sent.

Then Ralph and Daniel by the Plow
their passions do record;
To constancy they make a vow,
all baseness is abhorr[']d:
While Jane and Peg as constant prove;
and with a joint consent
Cry out, that nothing can remove
the joys for Lovers sent.

But Margery at last comes in,
for Hugh she doth expect;
She vows that she could dye for him,
him she doth so respect:
And Hugh her kindness doth repay,
theres no Cause to lament;
They both long for the joyfull day
only for Lovers sent.

How sweetly do those Soules imbrace
when they together meet!
A Barn seemes like a Princely Pallace,
where they each other greet:
The silent Medows and the Groves
both yeild to them content;
And all, to animate their loves,
was from the Heavens sent.

In Constancy they take delight,
as Lovers ought to do,
In hearts and souls they do unite,
this is most certain true:
No Courtly Language they do use,
nor flattering Complement;
Each others faults they do excuse:
This bliss for them was sent.

Thus you may see the Country Lass,
and eke the Country Lad,
Will court and kiss upon the Grass,
as if they both were mad:
And nothing doth there come amiss,
their Pleasures to prevent;
Tis their delight to hug and kiss;
for them such joys were sent.

Printed for J. Wright. J. Clark, W. Thackery and T. Passenger.

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