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EBBA 21090

Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Modest Batchelor;
And , The Beautiful Virgin.
Sett to a Pleasant New Tune. Licens'd according to Order.

O Ne-ly tell her, onely tell her, onely tell her that I love; Leave the rest to
Fate, and Fortune, she at last more kind may prove: Some kind Pla- - net
perhaps may move her, for to cast a Tender-Eye; Why? O why? should I
give o--ver? she's too good to let me Dye.

L Ove has oft tormenting fear,
all his Chains we must endure;
To my greif, she may give Ear,
and at length (in pitty) cure,
Windy-sighs will Fan the fire,
to so pure, and bright a flame,
That each Lover will admire,
and extoll her beauteous name,

By her own Immortall power,
by the Roses, in her Cheek,
By the Mirtle-Grove, and Bower,
(where true pleasure, Lovers seek,)
Onely she is worth possessing,
onely she (I think) Divine,
Venus grant me then, this blessing,
that, the only, may be mine.

Have you seen her charming Beauty?
(like the Blossoms, fair and sweet,)
Have you seen, how all with duty,
fall down prostrate at her feet?
Have you seen how Stars with-draw?
and twinkle at the Morning light,
So poor Lovers stand in awe,
amaz'd with beams so wondrous bright.

Thousand Cupids round her hover,
play and Revel in her Eyes,
Blest and happy is the Lover,
that enjoys so rich a Prize,
When the charms of beauty's tasted
'tis the sweetest in it's prime,
Blooming-youth, should not be wasted,
for it fades in little time.

By the Law of tender Nature,
no fair beauty should be coy,
There is neither Face nor Feature,
but, (by right,) we should enjoy,
Beauty, always, shou'd breed Beauty,
not lye all alone each Night;
To be kind, is Maidens Duty,
Maids were made for Mans Delight.

Marble, by the Rain, relenteth,
can a Beauty then so fair?
Be a Fury, that tormenteth,
must I Dye, and quite Dispair?
Oh! sweet Nymph, be not so cruel,
'tis an easie thing to Love:
Grant me then your Heart, (that Jewel,)
I'll not envy Jove above.


Printed and Sold by J. Millet , at the Angel in Little-Brittain ; Where Countrey-
Chapman, and others, may be Furnish'd with all sorts of Old and New Small Books
and Ballads, at Reasonable Rates.

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