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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Maiden's New Wish:
Her earnest desire to Marry a Lord, that she might ride
in her gilded Coach, but at length contented her self with a Cobler,
rather than live longer a Maid.
To the Tune of The Languishing Swain. Licensed according to Order.

I Am a Lass of Beauty bright,
Who do's in Pleasure take delight;
And if I might have to my mind,
I would no grief nor crosses find.

I would my youthful fancy please,
Nay live, and likewise take my ease
From worldly cares, and labour free,
For work did ne'er agree with me

Besides, I wish to be a Wife,
Yet not to lead a careful Life,
But in the streams of golden Joy,
Where nothing might my Life annoy.

I'll wear rich Cornets fine and gray,
Nay Silks and Satins e'ry Day.
Bedeck'd with Jewels, Diamonds, Pearl,
Then shall I seem a taring Girl.

I'd have some Baron marry me,
Or some great Lord of high Degree;
That I in gilded Coach might ride
With Lacqueys running by my side.

And when I sit me down to Meat,
I would have choice of Musick sweet,
To charm my Sences with the sound:
Let me be with those Blessings crown'd.

On sumptuous stately Beds of Down,
Rock'd in the Arms of high Renown
I'd pass away the silent Night,
And reap the Pleasures of Delight.

But see what straightways came to pass,
While this fair youthful bonny Lass
Was building Castles in the Air,
A Cobler did to her repair.

My dear, if thou wilt be my Wife,
We'll lead a merry happy Life;
Tho' I have no Estate at all,
We'll work together in a Stall.

Be gone you poor mechanick Knave,
Do you imagine that I'll have

A Cobler, void of common Sence,
Pack up your Awls, and get you hence.

Shall I spin Shop-thread in your Stall,
And be at such a Rascal's Call?
I hope to have a noble Peer,
And live in splendid Glory here.

I prithee Joan , the Cobler cry'd,
Are you addicted so to Pride?
Why then, in troth, farewell, adieu,
I hope to have as good as you.

He turn'd about to go his way,
She strait intreated him to stay,
And said, why are you in such hast,
What I have spoke was but in jest.

Tho' I at mighty things did aim,
Yet since in Love to me you came,
I'll take a Cobler now, she said,
Rather than longer live a Maid.

And thus they lovingly agreed,
And likewise marry'd were with speed;
Thus Maids we see mean Fortunes wed,
Before they'll keep their Maiden-head.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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