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EBBA 21057

Magdalene College - Pepys
The Longing Shepherdess: / OR, / LADY lie neer me.
Date Published 1663-1674
Author Robert Guy
Standard Tune
Imprint Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, / and J. VVright.
Collection Magdalene College - Pepys
Page 3.59
Location Pepys Library
Shelfmark Pepys Ballads 3.59
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MARC Record
Additional Information
  Part 1
Title The Longing Shepherdess: / OR, / LADY lie neer me.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, Lady lie neer me: or, the Green Garter.
First Lines ALL in the Month of May, / when all things blossom,
Refrain I heard a voice to say, / Sweet-heart come chear me, / Thou hast been long away, / Lady lye neer me. (stanzas 1-5, 13; with variations); Be not so sad, I am glad / that I did hear thee, / And what as can be had, / thouse have to chear thee. [stanzas 7-12; with variations]
Album Page 1/2 sheet oblong folio, 210 x 290
Condition cropped bottom edge, creased
Ornament cast fleurons