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Magdalene College - Pepys
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LAUGH and lie DOWN:
Between a young Gentleman and his Sweetheart, as they sat upon the Banks of the Kel-
der; a little above the Bridge of Brighouse, in Yorkshire, on March the First; both being
Inhabitants within the said Township. Tune of, As I was walking one snu shining day.

AS I was a walking one eveing most clear,
By the bank of a River I chanc'd for to hear,
A young Man, and a Virgin of beauty and fame,
But for fear to disgrace her, i'll not tell her name:

This young Man did hand her along on the way,
And unto the Virgin I heard him to say,

I love thee my Jewel, the joys of my heart,
From the foot, to the crown upmost lovely thou art.

Then she answer'd him quickly, You do not me love,
You sp[e]ak but in jest, only me for to prove:
But what makes your hand to be fumbling here?
It makes me to shake and to tremble for f[ear],

That you should o're come me, & make me submit
To your will and pleasure; but, alas! I'm not fit:
For want of possessions you will not me chuse,
But just for the present my body t'abuse.

No, no my sweet Jewell, it shall not be so,
For if thou fear that, then away will I go:
And along the green meadows I think I must walk,
Then let us part quickly, and cease all our talk;

Then farewell, adieu, for no longer I'll stay,
Well what haste are you in? she gently did say:
I would not have Lovers to break in a rage,
For before that should be I'll be your Foot-page.

Then back with all haste he turn'd to her again,
And began to salute her and kiss her amain;
But his hand play'd at all alike, but i'll not swear
For all the King's ransom, what as they play'd there.

But this I will say, yea, and swear it to boot,
And boldly affirm it, if I be put to't,
That they made a bargain to laugh and lie down,
For a goodly black hood & a gallant Serge-gown.

And then they fell to it with might & with main,
And when they had done once they fell to it again,
What liquor she had got, I cannot well say,
But this I am sure she went reelining away.

And as they were a walking the Thresh did sing
With a voice so delightful it would please a King,
Cease, cease, said the young Man, the Air for the fill,
For thou hast sung well, and I have not danc'd ill.

And now with this Item, I intent to conclude,
Because that my lines are both simple and rude,
See that once of you Maids to bluch or look red
With this Song, but the Parties on whom it was made.

Licens'd according to Order.

Printed for J. Shooter.

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