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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Great Misery in IRELAND,
Relating the Inhumane Cruelties that are daily committed there
by the French and Irish Papists.
To the Tune of, London-Derry.

O Lord what Misery there has been
In Ireland, it is plainly seen;
Poor Protestants are beaten out,
Lose House and Home by the Irish Rout.

What wicked Murders has been done,
As bad as was in Forty-One;
When they ript up Women to the Breast,
That was big with Child, it is confest.

They Ravish Maids and Wives also,
Then murder'd them before they go:

It is a grievous thing to speak,
It would make a stony heart to ake.

By hundreds without Remorse,
Into Houses they did drive by force;
Then burn'd th[e]i[r] Houses o're their head,
There they lay frying till they were dead.

Oh! th[o]se bloody Irish Papist Crew,
Has no Remorse, I tell to you,
They're as bad agen we u[n]d[erst]and,
When they do get the upp[e]r-hand,

Then brave English Men stand fast,
The Lord will bless you to the last,
And will strengthen you both great & small,
To overcome these Tyrants all.

Your Brethren that in Ireland be,
Make haste to relieve them speedily;
Or else London-Derry may be lost,
Then England will be sorely Crost.

And then if such a thing should be,
They'll make a bloody Massacre;
They say the weakest goes to the wall,
But the Lord is strong he can defend us all.

Now the English Army is on their way,
Let every Man and Woman pray;
To bless them safe by Sea and Land,
That God my give them strength their foes t'withstand.

Now the Irish with their bloody Band,
Are dividing of the Protestants Land,
And poor creatures, they are all undone,
They know not which way for to run.

But with help of God, our Army may
Reward their Cruelty every way;
And make the Irish cry O Hone,
To curse the time they murder'd Englishmen.

It is for the Gospel we do stand,
Religion, Laws and our Native Land;
To d[e]fend us from Rome's Slavery,
And that Triple Crown of Popery.

God defend our English Nation still,
And deliver us from the Papists Will;
And send the Irish Protestants Relief,
To ease them of their Care and Grief.

Which will be done e're it be long,
For we hope the Lord is for us strong;
He will be for us great and small,
Then the Church of England cannot fall.


Printed for P. Brooksby, at the Golden-Ball
in Pye-Corner.

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