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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Kingdoms Joy for the proclaiming of King William , and His Royal Consort, Queen Mary , in
the Throne of ENGLAND , on the 13th. of this instant February . 1688.
To the Tune of, Thundering Cannons roar.

N ow the Royal deed is done,
King William 's seated on the Throne,
and we his Subjects justly own,
He was our preservation:
We our Lives and Fortunes owe,
To him who did that now'r o'rethrow,
And laid the Cross and Miter low,
which so disturb'd our Nation.

His Royal Consort's now come o're,
To bless with him our English shore,
What can Subjects covet more,
then such a pair to Rule us,

The Glories of our Court are clear,
Now Rome 's dark Clouds all disappear,
And shall no more o're-cast us here,
nor send their priests to fool us.

When vile pop'ry rul'd the Throne,
And nought without a priest was done,
Those pimps to th' whore of Babylon ,
who love to raise Sedition:
Our Bishops clap'd into the Tower ,
and we expecting ev'ry hour,
When Rome should all our land devour;
how bad was our Condition.

Till our brave P rince William came,
Who smote the Babylonian Dame,
And brought her Tod-pole Tools to shame,
redeem'd us all from Slav'ry:
Now we enjoy our Rights again,
We all their popish slights disdain,
And live secure beneath his Reign,
who scorns their Romish Knav'ry.

Englands Church so much opprest
Of all its Rights now re-possest,
With all its Sacred Glories blest,
it shines in Heavenly splendor,
May it ever so endure,
A nd everlasting peace procure,
For him who keeps our Church secure,
and crush'd the Romish Grandieur.

Now Injustice is pluck'd down,
The Lords those Jewels of the Crown,
Will glittering stand about the Throne,
to shew it in its Glories,
Whilst the Romans void of hope,
A re half in danger of a Rope,
They bite their thumbs and curse the pope,
and wish rhey'd ve're been Tories.

God preserve the Royal pair,
May Heavens bless them with an Heir,
For 'twould end brave Englands care,
and bless our Isle hereafter:
When Royal Sons they have good store,
So many that they'd ask no more,
May Heavens kindness ne're give o're,
but bless them with a Daughter.

May they all delights obtain,
P rove happy in a prosp'rous Reign,
And e'ery thing they wish for gain,
and prove to them a blessing:
P lenty of Treasure bless his Store,
A nd peace flow all his Kingdom o're,
May he meet with all things more,
that's worth a Kings possessing,

Printed for W. Thackeray in Duck-lane.

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