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Magdalene College - Pepys
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ENGLANDS Happiness
In the Crowning of
King and Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland.
Tune of, Let Cesar live long, and his temper abide; or, my Life and my Death.

NOw England, old England, still hold up thy head,
who lately by Popery long time hath been led,
[An]d let the Pope's Actors, that plaid all their pranks,
[Be] gone in all haste, or we'l cripple their shanks;
[F]or in heart, voice, and loyalty merry we'l be,
[I]n the Crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

[So] they got up on horseback, to Rome for to ride,
[And] God bless great William that turned the tide
[He] kickt those old Mass-mongers quite out of door,
[Wi]th a downfal for ever to Babylons whore:
[A]nd now popery's banisht as all men may see,
[In] the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

And tho Priests and Jesuits look black and sad,
Like that lyon in the Tower, we'l make them all mad:
for our Lords and good Commons, beyond all compare,
Will send them strait packing to Coleman's old Mare.
Whilst our Bonfires shall burn with Huzas to the Sky,
In the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

Then let's spare for no cost, since the day is our own,
And great William and Mary right Heirs to the Throne
Who throughout the Nation hath popery pul'd down;
Then bid 'em thrice welcome to Englands brave Crown,
Let the Conduits run wine and the Bells ring for joy,
In the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

For a Protestant King and a Protestant Queen,
The like in old England long time hath not been;
Twill make Monsieur French-man his heart for to ake,
for fear lest great William his Kingdom should shake:
For we'l venture our lives and fortunes most free,
In the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

Tis God that that wrought us this Miracle great,
for to settle old England in Church and in State:
With wisdom & knowledge God bless our good King,
In all his undertakings in every thing;
That in health, peace and plenty long life we may see
By the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

Now once more our good old laws establisht will be,
By House, Lords, and Commons, and Parliament free.
Then God bless all the Nobility of the land,
That for true Religion so stedfast did stand;
And have acted so firmly in Parliament free,
For the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary.

And now let us pray that they still may agree,
Without disquiet of Conscience in free libert[y]
The glory of England once more for to raise,
And confirm the laws of Elizabeths days.
Then happy is all England this day for to se[e]
The Coronation of William and brave Queen Mary[.]

Let's give God the praise both in hart & in voic[e]
And in our good King & Queen greatly rejoice
That their Reign may be prosperous fervently pra[y]
Defended by Heavens success many a day;
That all Subjects for ever united may be,
In the crowning of William and brave Queen Mary[.]

Then let all true Christians that lives in the lan[d]
By Protestant Interest for ever to stand;
And for good King William and Mary to pray,
In true Gospel-glory the Scepter to sway:
Then return thanks to God, who hath wrough[t] the decree
For the crowning of William & brave Qu. Mary[.]

Licensed and Entred according to Order.
Printed for A. Milbourn in green Arbor in the Little Old-Baily.

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