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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A Full Description of these Times; Or The
Prince of ORANGE's March
from EXETER to LONDON; And Father PETERS and the rest of the Jesuites put to flight.
The Pope and Jesuites are undone,
They could not England overcome
To bring it into Popery,
Though very boldly they did try;
Until a Prince came o're the Main,
And blasted all that they had done;
And now there is no more to be sed,
They run all away and hide their heads
Tune of, Packingtons Pound, Countrey Farmer, Or, Digby's Farwel.

NOw let all true Protestants ever Rejoyce,
And render thanksgiving with heart and with voice,
The Brave Prince of Orange has been our best friend,
And Routed all Popery out of the Land,
The blessing of God be upon him I say,
And let every Protestant heartily pray,
That would take upon him to do that great work,
Now a Figg for the Devil the Pope and the Turk.

Now, now the true Church it will flourish again,
In England there will be no cause to complain,
The Brave Prince of Orang he takes such great care,
Secures all the Passages every where;
He'l have no Idolitry us'd in this Land,
For the Gospel of Christ he will ever more stand,
Let Pope and the Jesuits stay all at Rome,
[He] will not allow them in England to come.

They have us tormented this three or four year,
Since this course of Rome did in England appear;
But now they are gone to the Pope to Complain,
If they can pass safely but over the Main;
Our Protestant Ships they may be in their way,
They'l ask them some Questions, and cause them to stay;
They may be prevented from seeing the Pope,
And Tyburn may Nooze them at last in a Rope.

The fair Londons Tower the Prince doth Command,
And all the Sea-Ports that in England doth stand;
Now he is in London with his Noble Train,
The Bells they did trowl it again and again;
The Bone-fires did blaze, and the People rejoyce,
For joy of this Prince they did strain up their voice:
The Lord he did bless him along in his way,
To save and secure our Religion this day.

This Protestant Army that came with the Prince,
The Lord gives a Blessing to them ever since:
The Catholick Irish are put to the Rout,
And brave English Men they do Hallow and Shout:
The Prince his own Soldiers are Men of Renown,
And they are made much on in every Town:
Let all English People then evermore pray,
The Lord he may bless them by Night and by Day.

They pay all their Quarters most honest and brave,
They charge not the Country for ought that they have;
This Army with God it is blest to be sure,
And that Prince their Leader, may with them endure:
God grant him long life the true Church to maintain:
And true Government be in England again,
For the Popes a deciever and Jesuites too,
In Pardoning of sins is more then they can do.

The Irish Bravadoes did fight it is said,
But our English Souldiers away from them fled;
They said they'd fight in our Religions defence,
And so they marched away to the Prince,
And sed for the Church of England they'd stand,
As long as they could hold a Sword in their hand;
They'll not be drawn in for to fight the Popes Cause,
Against their Religion the Church and the Laws.

And now a free Parliament's that we do crave,
For the Prince and the Nobles they say we shall have,
To se[t]tle the Laws, and will give all content,
It cannot be done but by a Parliament:
Then every poor man will be kept in supply,
It will fill all the Nation with Mirth and with Joy;
Then a fig for the Jesuits and Pope of Rome,
That has lost there Mass-houses in England so soon.

When the Laws are well settled, and peace does remain,
In England we shall have brave trading again;
Our religion's secur'd, and the Church is set free,
It will be a great comfort for all men to see,
That the Gospel may flourish and have its full course,
And not be indangered by the French Force,
And the true Church of England to stand its own [ground,]
That the Gospel of Christ my have its full sound.


Printed for A. B.

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