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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A comfortable & friendly Advice
For all the True-Hearted Subjects of
To the Tune of, Five Sails of Frigats bound for Maligo.

C Hear up all true Subjects, and seen not to frown,
But show your selves joyful, though trading is down,
Serve God night and day, with a Heart just and free,
And the Nation will after it soon happy be.

O ne're seem amazed, nor murmuring stand,
To see Trade and Traffick so down in the Land,
But serve God, and keep his Commandements free,
And the Nation will after it soon happy be.

Likewise leave your swearing, your cursing and pride,
And embrace you your Bibles, let them be your Guide,
Read them and regard them, with a Heart good & free,
And then you a happy sweet Kingdom shall see.

Also there is Whoredom and Drunckenness too,
Us'd much in this Kingdom, which makes many rue,
But leave off such Sins, and you quickly shall see,
That England a happy sweet Kingdom will be.

For Sin's the main cause, we may all understand,
Makes Trading so dead and decay'd in the Land,
And the Lord sure is angry, our actions to see,
But let's hearty Repent and we happy shall be.

Then let me advise, both the Young and the Old,
To leave wicked Vice, and on Scripture lay hold,
And lay't in your Hearts, and you quickly shall see,
The Lrod take your parts, and you happy will be.

These Verses of mine, here which to you I write,
Are truths of a certain, then follow them quite,
And do as these Verses doth wish, and you'l see,
That England a flourishing Nation will be.

That is to serve God and to Honour King James ,
Who will be a easer of these your Extreams,
For his great care and goodness is for us amain,
And will help famous England to Trading again.

For his Ships are preparing and fit for the Seas,
To out-Nations, bearing Englands Mercandize,
God send them a prosperous Voyage o're the Main,
Then England still flourish when they come again.

Then follow your Labour, Boys stand to your stint,
For there's Money a making, great store in the Mint,
And you shall have share on't, if you'l careful be,
And England a Flourishing Nation you'l see.

The Wool Trade in England hath long been decay'd,
But lately in London , a Contract was made,
That none but by Lisence should follow it free,
Then this a fine Flourishing calling will be.

The poor Spinners that to the Wooll-Combers , do work,
And by them was held down, as slaves to the Turk ,
Yet soon shall they find a good comfort, and see
That England a Flourishing Nation will be.

So God save King James and the Peers of his Land,
Lord prosper and keep them with thy Mighty Hand,
That they the true Protestant Church may maintain,
And God send good Trading in England again.

So you that have heard these Verses I've penn'd,
Pray love one another, take me as your Friend,
And mind well their [Fruits] which is your just thing,
Pray serve God Almighty and Honour your King.

No more at this present, I mean to relate,
But to all the Kings Subjects I this Dedicate,
And what here is Printed, I hope you will find,
E're long to be true, and so bear it in mind.


Printed for J. Clark, W. Thackery, and T. Passinger.

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