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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Englands Darling, OR
Great Brittains Joy and hope on that Noble Prince
Brave Monmouth, Englands Glory,
Hated of none but Papist and Tory,
Mayst thou in thy Noble Fathers love remain,
who happily over this Land doth Reign.
Tune of, Young Jemmy, or Philander.

YOung Jemmy is a Lad
that's Royalty descended;
With every Virtue clad,
by every Tongue commended:
A true and faithful English heart,
Great Brittains joy and hope,
And bravely will maintain their part
in spight of Turk and Pope.

Young Jemmy is a Lad
that hates all base pretences;
No Tory, Masquerade,
with Popish sham-pretences:

A Heart and Soul so great and just,
such Conduct and Command,
A Champion in his Countries trust
young Jemmy still will stand.

Young Jemmy is a youth
who thinks it no transgression
To stand up for the Truth,
and Protestant Profession:
But Oh! he fights with such success,
all mortal powers obey,
No god of war but must confess
young Jemmy bea[?]s the [s]way.

At Jemmy's powerful voice
the Drums & Trumpets sounded;
And England did rejoyce
when Jemmy's fame abounded.
Of Jemmy the victorious name
did through all Europe flie,
And all the nations did proclaim
his matchless Gallantry.

In Mastricht, and in France,
in Germany, and Flanders,
Young Jemmy did advance
amongst the chief Commanders:
By Sea and Land his fame did fly,
and all the Nations round,
Of Jemmy's constant victory
and valour did resound.

In Scotland Jemmy's hand
dispers'd the Whigg and Tory,
And Bothwel Bridge will stand
to his eternal glory.
There he the Rebels force withstood,
and did their Might oppose,
Both for the King and Countries good,
in spight of all his foes.

But oh! unhappy fates!
a curse on Pride and Malice;
The Popish plotting States
have banish'd him the Palace.

They turn'd him out of grace of late,
of dignity and fame,
And every mighty place of State,
yet Jemmy's still the same.

Maliciously they plot
(against all sence and reason)
'Gainst Shaftsbury and Scot,
to Cloak their Popish Treason:
Tories and Papists all agree
to blast his spotless fame,
But 'spight of all their policy,
young Jemmy's still the same.

For still to lose his blood
young Jemmy does importune,
And for his Countries good,
to spend his Life and Fortune
For to support the Church and State,
our Liberties and Laws,
Against their Malice, Plots, and Hate,
that woud our rights oppose.

Let all good men implore
for Jemmy's Restauration,
Whose conduct must restore
the ruines of our Nation:
That he to Charles's praise may live,
our freedome to maintain,
When Jemmy shall his fame ret[re]ive
and be in grace again.

Printed for J. Wright[,] J. Clark[,] W, Thackery and T. Passenger,

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