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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A True and Perfect Relation of
A Horrible Murther,
[C]ommitted by a woman in Golden-lane, on her Neighbour big with-
Child, who had borrowed Thirty shillings of her, who is since fled.

To the Tune of, The children in the Wood.

[?]doleful News which every day
[?] ll bringeth to our ears;
[?] in this World there is no stay,
[?] this Tale appears.

[?][wom]an late in Golden-Lane,
[?] [t]hirty Shillings lend;
[?]woman living near,
[?] [ne]ighbour and her friend.

The woman Money by the week,
poor wretch was forc'd to borrow
Of her Rich Neighbour, which did seek
to lend it to her sorrow.

The Lender first by Small-Cole came
unto a fair Estate;
And Money lent unto the Poor,
At a most griping rate.

The Second Part, to the same Tune.

Amongst the rest, this Neighbour neer,
did borrow by the week,
The summ above, which people fear,
caused her Blood to reek.

For on a Day she passing by,
being full bigg with Child:
The Lender unto her did cry,
she was by her beguil'd.

Hussy, quoth she, what do you mean,
my Money not to pay,
That thirty shhillings which I lent
to you on such a day.

Time is expired, and you know,
I will no longer trust:
Pray Huswife pay me what you owe,
i'le make you know you must.

This trembling Debtor straight reply'd,
pray say no more, for I
Your Debt have never yet deny'd,
nor will not though I dye.

I never meant you to defeat,
you of your Cash with gain:
Pray therefore no more words repeat,
but from your wrath refrain.

This cursed Jew no more reply'd,
but straight made fast the Door:
And then began to Rail and bawl,
much louder then before.

The Debtor like a harmless Sheep,
standin[g] the while quite mute,
This Language had her thunder-struck,
and that without dispute.

This Monster Lyon-like, commands
her Debtor straight to pay:
Or else she lets her under-stand,
she ne'r should go away.

At this the Debtor quite amaz'd,
suspecting future ill;
Desired for her Infants sake,
that she would not her Kill.

But this inhumane wretch so vild,
with an inhumane Rage;
Falls on the woman big with Child,
nought could her wrath asswage.

With kicks and blows this creature dy'd
within a day or two,
And what she suffer'd no one knows,
although the thing be true.

The Coroner was sent for straight,
to view the Corps when dead:
Man-slaughter he did bring it in,
the Broaker since is fled.

The Sufferer at her latest gasp,
affirm'd her Child and she
By this same Murtheress lost their lives
which truly well might be.

The Coroner who was her Bail,
who for this Fact is fled:
Is for the same secur'd in Goal,
for her who now is Dead.

God grant all people may abstain
such wretched acts as these,
And keep us such Deeds to refrain,
least Hell our Souls do seize.

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and
T. Passinger.

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