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Magdalene College - Pepys
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ENGLANDS Deliverance,
OR, God's Gracious Mercy at the time of Misery.
When in Distress, and pittiless,
we do with Troubles meet,
And then in Grief find Gods Relief,
then is his Mercy sweet.
To the Tune of, The two English Travellers.

FArewell the Old year, with all Sorrow and Grief,
And to that ranck Crew, which did rein here in chief,
Who sought like the Ravenous Wolves to destroy,
Religion and Laws, which by right we enjoy.

Whilst Sions fair Glory did seem to decay,
Like Nineve, thousands repenting did pray,
That God would in mercy deliver his own,
Their crys came before the Great God in his Throne.

The good Learned Bishops Religious and Grave,
Was flouted by every scurrilous Slave;
Expos'd to the Malice of every Pen,
But God he step'd in, and deliver'd 'em then.

Who seeing how faithful our Church did believe,
Before this New-year then he sent a Reprieve;
For to rescue his Flock. and from danger set free,
Which was in the Hands of Herod's Cruelty.

When we on the brink of sad Ruin did stand,
'Twas done by as great a miraculous Hand,
As if he'd divided the Red Seas once more;
Oh! that we may ever his Mercies adore.

Now let Rich and Poor evermore praise the Lord,
And let eighty eight be set down in Record,
How God has prevented their cruel design,
Which they thought to accomplish by eighty and nine.

And now the New-year with much joy is come in,
Which Babylon thought we should never have seen;
But now they are routed and put to the run,
And some may be sorry for what they have done.

But let them send to their Old Daddy the Pope,
Who will not deny them a Pardon I hope;
That when by the Laws of this Land they are cast,
To see if 'tis able to save them at last.

Let the Wolf in the Tower be hang'd in a String,
For he thought to devour our Flocks before Spring;
He snapt at our Shepherds and sent them away,
Where now he remains his own self without Prey.

He reapt all the Joys that this World had in store,
To please his Ambition he car'd for no more;
His Heart was like Nero's so cruelly bent,
To spill any honest Mans blood he'd consent.

His Pride and Ambition came to that degree,
That a second Hammond he termed might be,
Who built up a Gibbet for poor Mordecai,
He dy'd on't himself, and I wish so may he.

The People of God then was all to have dy'd,
To gratifie Hammond's most insolent Pride,
As we by the Romans was promis'd our Doom,
Which was to be sacrificed to Rome.

This grieved the Princes in another Land,
When as our ruin she did understand,
This Hester from Holland sent her General,
Who thorough God's Mercies redeem'd us from Thrall.

True Love then did flow like a Fountain or Flood,
And Conquer'd without the effusion of Blood;
The strong Arm of Heaven this Battel did fight,
And put our most absolute Foes to the flight.

Let the Brittains now Triumph on Mountains & Dales,
Where e're they Inhabit in England or Wales;
But for Te Deum, pray let it alone,
Because your late Prince is not very well know.

But yet the true Brittains they still are in doubt,
Because it was never yet fairly made out,
Though it glissen'd like Gold, yet like Led it did ring;
For they dream'd that the Prince was no kin to a King.

God bless the bright Star that supported our Laws,
And the seven bright Candles that pleaded our cause;
Let their Foes be their Footstool, while the world doth remain,
That Popery never may flourish again.

Printed for A. B.

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