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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Solomons Sentences.
Being an Excellent Ditty, shewing the sage Sayings and Wise Sentences of Solomon.
The Tune is, Wigmore's Galliard.

THose that will run a Vertuous race,
and learn the Precepts of the Sage,
Those that true wisdom will embrace,
and learn to live in youth and age:
Let them approach hereto with speed,
And to my Lessons give good heed;
For bearing well these things away,
The Lord will bless them night and day

My Son, said Solomon the wise,
if thou true wisdom wilt obtain,
Then fear the Lord that rules the skys,
for so the Scriptures teacheth plain:
Imbrace his word, and him obey,
This is the chief and only way;
For they that do these things despise,
Are fools to God, though worldly wise.

Unto thy Father honour give,
and thou shalt surely blessed be,
And be obedient while you live,
and to thy Mother Courteous be,
Then God will send thee evermore
Sufficient wealth, and treasure store:
All things shall prosper in thine hand,
And long thou shalt enjoy the Land.

The blessing of the Father dear,
doth cause his Childrens good success
But where the Mother doth appear,
to curse her Childrens wickedness:
Their whole foundation doth decay,
Like withered leaves that fall away.

Then all good Christians learn by me,
To love your Parents faithfully.

Set not thy mind on worldly wealth,
nor put thy confidence therein,
For riches doth consume by stealth,
and Covetousness is counted sin:
For whilst thou livest on the earth,
Thou art uncertain of thy death;
And when that death doth stop thy mind
Then thou must leave thy goods behind

Be friendly unto every man,
but unto few familiar be,
And try thy friend if that thou ran,
his inward thoughts to prove & see.
And if thou find him just and true,
Change not an old friend for a new.
For many promise much indeed,
But clean forsake them in their need.

If thou hast Sons, intrust them well
and on thy Daughters never smile:
Their wanton ways do far excell,
let not affection thee beguile:
With due correction love them still,
And give them not their wanton will;
For if that they do stubborn grow,
They will not then their duty know.

Give honour to the aged sort,
and to thy betters always bow,
So shalt thou have a good report,
for God himself doth it allow,
Of hateful Pride always beware,
And have an Eye to after care;
Be not too wrath in any thing,
For that will soon repentance bring.

Lend not thy goods to mighty men,
whose countenance passeth thy degree
For they are hard to get again,
as now by dayly proof we see:
For other men give not thy word,
No further then thou canst afford;
Lest afterwards thou chance to rue,
And pay the debt when it is due.

With him that is a Magistrate,
in any wise go not to Law,
Lest thou repent the same too late,
for he will hold thee still in awe:
Be always wary of thy words,
For spightful words are cruel swords
And look to whom thou dost impart
The thoughts and secrets of thy heart

Be never jealous of thy Wife,
least she therefore mischief learn,
And thou thereby dost purchase strife
then wisely do each thing discern.

And not evil occasion give,
But lovingly together live;
We see when man and wife do hate,
The curse of God hangs at the Gate.

On Harlots cast not thou thy mind,
lest thou thereby thy self consume;
And waste thy riches with the wind,
whilst thou in fancy fret and fume:
Their foul inticements bringeth death
And poyson cometh out of their breath;
Their eyes are wandring too and fro,
And every one their fashions know.

Praise no woman for beauties sake,
nor discommend no man ny sight;
And with thy tongue no lying make,
fulfill thy promise just and right:
Be merciful unto the poor,
And God will thee reward therefore;
Keep not thy Labourers wages back,
And comfort such as comfort lack.

Grieve not the heavy-hearted man,
nor joy not at thy enemies harm;
Rebuke thy Brother friendly then,
against no man use open charm:
Credit not thou a Tale in haste,
Lest tryal make the matter waste;
And from all slander keep thy tongue,
And work for age whilst thou art young

3 things there are that God does hate
as holy Scriptures doth declare;
A man too proud in Beggers state,
a rich man for to lye and swear.
To see an old man given to lust,
These things of God are sure accurst,
The lying tongue the soul doth quell,
But pride and lust throw down to hell.

Whilst thou art living, call for grace,
thy life is like a fading flower;
Death cometh stealing on apace,
thou canst not know the day nor hour
Thy Speech at all times may not last
Use well the same that now thou hast;
And from repentance do not stay,
Thou canst no time with death delay.

If thou consider well the same,
and hear these Lessons in thy mind;
And thereunto thy self do frame,
great crmfort thou shalt quickly find
Plant well these savings in thy heart,
And from these Precepts never start;
So shalt thou live in perfect peace,
And God will bless thee with [i]ncrease.

Solomons Sacrifice,
With his Prayer in Gibeon; And how God appeared to him in a
Vision, and answered his Request. To a new Tune.

OF all the Kings in Israel
that reigned long ago;
I do remember very well
that Chronicles doth show
That when it fell to Solomon,
He proved such a Paragon,
As never there was any one,
as after you shall know.

For when he came to be a King,
He feared God in every thing;
In Sacrifice and worshipping
great cost he did bestow;
There was a place in Israel,
Call'd Gibeon at this day;
And thither went King Solomon
to Sacrifice and pray.

But God did in a Vision
Appear unto King Solomon
While he was yet in Gibeon,
and thus to him did say:
Because of thy Humility
Ask what thou wilt (O King) of me
O speak that I may give it thee
before thou go'st away.

Then Solomon thus answered
to thee be always praise;
For that as thou hast promised
in our fore-fathers days:
Since that as thou hast promised
not to leave their Table unfurnished
But to leave it [v]arnished
to them that sees thy ways.

Thy holy Wisdom grant to me
thy holy Law to understand
An understanding heart to see
the judgements of each Land:
That I may well Govern the same
As justice rightly ought to frame
To the Glory of his name
with mercy in my hand.

Then God who took it in good part
what Solomon had said;
Because it was so in his heart
to ask as he had pray'd;
He said I will give unto thee
As never none the like shall be
Either before or after thee
therefore be not afraid.

I will give thee Wisdom great
and Treasure passing store;
Fow sitting on thy Fathers seat
as no King had before;
With that arose King Solomon
And went away to Gibeon
To guide the charge he took upon
as no King took before.

Then after that in Israel
He reigned long their King full well
As all the Holy Books can tell
with great increase and store.


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