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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A soluntary SONG , for all stubborn Sinners to amend
their Lives and evil Ways .
For uncertain is mans life one day
For many you see are snatcht away
We stand in need then every minute & hour.
To pray for Gods Grace to give us power
To repent our lives and mend our ways
We are in great danger in these days.
If Death do come and we be unprepar'd,
There will be then a bad reward;
Therefore we had need to watch and pray
That our Sins they may be all washt away;
There's but one way that we can have,
There's no Repentance in the Grave.
To the Tune of The Sinners Redemption .

G Ood People mind what here is penn'd
and understand what I do say
Repentance by no means prolong
'twill be your own another day,
Happy's that sinner to be sure,
That true Repentance can procure ,

For when that I am dead and gone
you find these words for to be true,
Forsake your Sins then every one,
before you bid the world adieu,
Happy's that Sinner ,

If you are not prepar'd for Death,
when he doth give the fatal stroak
And comes to stop your mortal Breath,
your Souls undone and Hearts are broke,
Happy's that Si nner ,

The Riches of this world have wings
and oft you see do fly away
Then mind you that which comfort brings
that never fades nor will decay
Happy's the Sinner ,

Do Righteous things to every one
as thou wouldest have them to do to thee
By this a good man may be known
by his good works and piety,
Happy's that Sinner .

Cherish the poor that are in need
the Rich do seldom want a friend
But he that gives the poor indeed,
doth to the God Almighty lend,
Happy's that Sinner to be sure,
That true Repentance can procure .

The second part to the same Tune .

The naked man see that you cloath,
the hungry Person see you feed,
These things observe false dealing loath
and thou shalt happy be indeed,
Happy's that Sinner .

Frequent the Church where Godly men,
Gods word do preach and cry down sin,
Keep Gods Commandements and then
a blest condition thou art in,
Happy's that Sinner

The Widow be thou kind unto
and help the Orphant that's opprest,
For he that all these things will do
there is no doubt but he is blest,
Happy's that Sinner ,

And he that hath mercy loves to show,
shall mercy find himself at last,
But Cruelty will overthrow
and all the other vertues blast,
Happy's that Sinner .

Flee that which loathsome is to man,
and hatefull in Gods blessed sight
'Tis drunkenness that here I mean,
wherein so many take delight,
Happy's that Sinner ,

Take Pleasure in Gods Holy Word,
and therein set your hearts delight,
Such Pleasure 'twill your Hearts afford
that you will find advantage by't,
Happy's that Sinner .

Pride was you know the Devils Fall,
as Holy Scriptures plain do tell;
'Twill also bring mans Soul to thrall
and is a plain path-way to Hell,
Happy's that Sinner ,

And oft the holy Bible read
therein you may great Comfort find,
For wounded Souls there's help indeed
and Comfort for the troubled mind,
Happy's that Sinner .

Mind not the Peoples vain applause
but let your actions speak your praise
Keep Gods Commands and obey his Laws,
and thou shall happy be always,
Happy's that Sinner .

Repent thee of thy wickedness
and do it most unfeignedly,
So in thy life God will thee bless
and save thy Soul when thou shalt dye,
Happy's that Sinner .

Do not delay Repentance for
'tis without doubt a great offence,
And that which Conscience will abhor,
when thy poor Soul is gone from hence
Happy's that Sinner .

Then mortal man since Death is sure
put thou thy confidence in him
Who only can thy help procure
in time of need when Death looks grim
Happy's that Sinner .

Now the God of Heaven be our guide,
that we all may make a happy end,
That we all our Sins may lay aside
to pray our Saviour Christ be our friend,
Happy's that Sinner to be sure
That true Repentance can procure .

This may be Printed, R.P.
Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden ball in Pye corner .

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